IRMCMS - Single Source of Content

Descriptive unit content entered into the RDP data base using IRMCMS can be displayed on a customer's' marketing site, on the IRM, in RDPWin and used by the HomeAway Interface. This allows a single source of descriptions and photos for all these unit content consumers.

Single Source Diagram


  • Enter unit content into the RDP Database with IRMCMS, including descriptions, photos, amenities and more.   See the documentation for more details
  • Retrieve unit descriptive and photo content for display on marketing site using the RDP CMSAPI.   See the documentation for details
  • RDP's HomeAway Interface will retrieve unit descriptive and photo content for listings on   More information
  • IRM.Net and IRM Mobile can be configured to fetch unit content from the RDP database, including short descriptions, thumbnail photos, long descriptions, amenity lists, unit and property photos and more.   For an example see the IRM demo, which retrieves all content from the IRMCMS database.   More information
  • RDPWin room master room detail tab, can display unit descriptive and photo content.
  • The RDP database is the single source of unit descriptive content for all of the above

Configure IRM to Use IRMCMS Content

From the RDPWin IRMNet/Configuration 'CMS' tab, configure which IRMCMS content to display for room labels, short descriptions and room details. The 'Customize Details' buttons will bring up the Custom Room Details for IRM.Net/IRM Mobile screen from which individual content items can be enabled/disabled and ordered for display from the IRM.Net 'Details' link ( or IRM Mobile 'Details' tab).   See the documentation for more information.

IRM.Net Configuration / CMS Tab

IRM CMS Configuration

Customize Details

Customize Details

IRM.Net Configuration / Photos Tab

IRM.Net supports two methods of displaying unit photos, both of which retrieve photos from the RDP database. From the RDPWin IRM.Net/Configuration 'Photos' tab, select the photo display method from the 'Photo View Type' radio buttons. See an example of the 'Display overly window with thumbnails and full-sized photo on hover' method by clicking the Photos link of any room on this IRM demo. See an example of the 'Click through collection of photos inside available rooms list' method by clicking the Photos link of any room on this IRM demo.
See the documentation for more information

IRM Photos Configuration

RDPWin Room Detail

Configure and click on 'URL' to view unit descriptive content (IRM.Net must be configured to use IRMCMS content).
Set the room detail URL field to 'http://<domain>/irmnet/res/details.aspx?roomkey=<room number>'. Replace <domain> with the actual irm server domain, for example, and <room number> with the unit's room number. A sample resulting url would be: (Query parameters resort= and path= can be added as needed.)

Single Source Diagram