Customize IRM Mobile Page Title

The IRM Mobile page title, which displays in the top toolbar, can be customized using HTML to include such things as an anchor tag or company logo image.  Available as of RDPWin and IRM Mobile

By default, IRM Mobile will populate its top toolbar title with the plain text page title that is configured in RDPWin  IRM.Net/IRM Mobile Configuration, Miscellaneous tab.  If a more complex title is desired, such as a link back to the marketing site or a company logo, custom page title html can be configured from RDPWin IRM.Net/IRM Mobile Configuration,  Customize tab, 'Page Title Html' button.  Enter the desired page title html and click save.  The phyical size of the toolbar is fixed, so the rendered html (such as an image) must fit in the existing space.


Link to Marketing Site:

              <a class='x-title' style='text-decoration:none' href=''>Resort

The 'x-title' class is an existing css class which will use a color contrasting the toolbar background.  By default, the link text would be underlined.   The text-decoration:none style overrides the underlining, remove this if underlined text is preferred.

Company Logo:

              <div style='margin-top:2px;'><img src='images/rdplogo.png' width='180'
                height='40' alt='RDP'></div>

The logo image must be of appropriate width and height to fit in the toolbar space.  The above is an example and may not reflect the exact dimensions of the image being used.