i4Go V2 with Access Token

Shift4 has updated i4Go to authenticate the connection between the guest's computer and the payment interface through the use of an Access Token.  The i4go settings configuration must be updated to provide this access token, which is obtained from Shift4.  

The following IRM versions support i4Go V2, authenticating with an Access Token:
IRMNet or later
IRMNet or later
IRM Mobile or later

  1. Customer obtains an Access Token from Shift4
  2. If on RDPWin version or later - from RDPWin System/Configuration/Shift4.  Enter the  i4Go access token into the field labeled 'Access Token' in the 'I4Go Settings' box and save.
  3. If on RDPWin version 4.2 or RDPWin version 4.3 earlier than, the  i4Go access token can be added to the W0 table using Table Maintenance.  Add a I4GOAT subrecord with the access token as the value.
  4. To test, make a reservation with IRM.Net which collects credit card information.   Check that the credit card token information was added to the reservation and if collecting a deposit, that the payment was posted to the folio.