Customize IRM Mobile Photo Carousel Indicator

The IRM Mobile photo carousel displays indicator dots at the bottom of the carousel indicating how many photos there are and which one is currently displayed.  Prior to Mobile Suite version, the indicators are light in color and may be difficult to see.  As of version the indicator has been darkened.  If desired, follow the steps below to customize the color of the photo carousel indicator.

  1. Use RDPWin Table Maintenance to view the W0 table.  If there is a MOBCSS subrecord value, it will indicate the name of a custom css file.
  2. If the W0/MOBCSS subrecord does not exist or is empty, add/modify this record with the name of a custom css file.  For example: custom.css
  3. IRM mobile expects the custom css file to reside on the IRM server  in the folder c:/inetpub/wwwroot/irm/css
  4. Open the existing custom css file in that folder or create it if not already there
  5. Add the following styles to the file, replacing 'black' and 'red' with the colors desired.  Colors can be named, hex or rgba values.  The second style (red in this example) will be used for the dot indicating the currently displayed photo.  The first style (black in this example) will be used for the others.
              .x-carousel-indicator-dark span { background-color: black !important;
                } .x-carousel-indicator-dark span.x-carousel-indicator-active { background-color:red
                !important; }