IRM.Net Rate Description Links

Enable 'Rate Description Links' for IRM.Net to display rateplan specific information as a tooltip.

  1. From RDPWin -> 'Appearance' tab, check the box 'Enable Rate Description Links'
  2. Create rate info files on the IRM server in the folder c:\inetpub\wwwroot\IRMNet\Custom\<Data Server Name>\RDP<xx>\UserText\RatePlans
  3. Rate info files are text files, for example created in Notepad, named with the rateplan code and the .txt extension.  For example the info file for the RACK rate plan would be RACK.txt
  4. If an info file for a given rate plan code is not found, then the default info file RateDetails.txt will be used.

Special Characters in Rateplan Codes

If the rateplan code includes a special character (not a letter or a number), the special character must be replaced with its corresponding decimal ascii code in the info file name.  (This is because some special characters are illegal in file names.)  For example, the decimal ascii code for the ! character is 33, so if a rateplan code is XYZ!, then the info file name would be XYZ33.txt.   The ascii code chart is readily available by searching the internet.  Here is one from wikipedia:  Be sure to use the DECIMAL ascii code.