HomeAway Reservation Confirmations

The RDP HomeAway Interface books reservations without collecting a deposit.  Payment can be collected after booking via IRM.Net. This is accomplished with a link in the reservation confirmation that directs to the IRM.Net payment page. From that page, the credit card will be charged (using Shift4 and i4Go) and payment transaction added to the reservation. 

RDPWin and IRM.Net or later are required.  Confirmations can be sent manually, by right clicking on the reservation from RDPWin -> IRMNet/IRMNet Reservations (filter by HomeAway reservations).  Alternatively, confirmations can be sent automatically from RDPWinMonitor.

  1. RDPWinMonitor will send the ‘PayingGuest’ confirmation to HomeAway reservations provided that confirmations are enabled for IRM reservations (System/RDPWin Monitor/Configuration).
  2. If the confirmation configured for ‘PayingGuest’ is a Crystal Report, then follow these steps to add the payment address link to the confirmation:
    1. Add a parameter to the report named PaymentAddress
    2. Add a section to the report for the payment address 
    3. Hide this section if hreserve.source is not ‘HA’ 
    4. Add a text object to the section, with any desired verbiage for the payment explanation/instructions 
    5. Add a text object to the section with the desired verbiage for the payment link (e.g. Make Payment Now) 
    6. For the payment link text, click ‘Format Hyperlink’ 
    7. Clear the Website Address field 
    8. Click on the formula button next to the website address field
    9. Enter this: {?PaymentAddress} 
  3. If the confirmation configured for ‘PayingGuest’ is an HTML confirmation, then follow these steps to add the payment address link to the confirmation: 
    1. Add a div tag with the following attribute: id=[*payment-section*] For example: <div id=[*payment-section*]></div>  Important - no single or double quotation marks around the id in this div tag.  This section will be hidden at runtime if the reservation source is not HomeAway.
    2. Include within the payment-section div a paragraph tag with any desired explanatory text. For example: <p>Explanatory text….</p>
    3. Include within the payment-section div an anchor tag with an href attribute of “[*paymentaddress*]”. This will be populated at runtime with the actual address to the IRMNet payment page. For example: <a href=”[*paymentaddress*]”>Make Payment Now</a>
    4. The whole payment section will look something like this:
      <div id=[*payment-section*]> <p>Explanatory text….</p>
                            <a href=”[*paymentaddress*]”>Make Payment Now</a> </div>
      More can be added, the above are the essential parts.
  4. Use IRMCMS to configure the base IRMNet URL:
    1. Browse to https://<Customer's IRM Server>/IRMCMS/app.html
    2. Choose 'HomeAway General Settings'
    3. Enter Base IRM Url. The format should like: https://irm.resortdata.com/irmnet/. (Using the customer’s irm domain in place of ‘irm.resortdata.com’.) SSL (https://) is required.
  1. Simulate a HomeAway reservation by making a test reservation in RDPWin, with no payment taken. Then use query builder to change the reservation source with this statement (example reservation number 474): Update hreserve set source = ‘HA’ where resnum = ‘ 474’ The reservation number must be padded with spaces on the left side for a total length of 6 characters. 
  2. If testing with RDP demo files, IRMNet must be taken out of demo mode in order to test processing the credit card. (RDPWin IRMNet/Configuration Misc tab)
  3. Test sending the confirmation manually from RDPWin and/or configure and start RDPWinMonitor.
  4. From the confirmation email, click on the payment link, which will bring up IRMnet to a payment page. Fill in the credit card information and click ‘Process Payment’