IRM.Net Companion Reservation

IRM.Net supports adding a companion reservation, for example add a parking space or golf cart, to a reservation.  The following restrictions and requirements apply:

  1. RDPWin Reservations/Configuration,  switch 427-08 must be enabled and the first companion reservation type configured. (IRM.Net supports only the first configured companion reservation room type.)
  2. Companion reservations not supported by IRM.Net if multiple reservations are enabled
  3. IRM.Net deposit settings must be used. 
  4. IRM Mobile does not support companion reservations
  5. Available as of IRM.Net
  1. RDPWIn Reservations/Configuration 'NewRes' tab - companion reservations switch 427-08 must be enabled and the first companion reservation room type and daily charge selected
  2. RDPWin IRMNet/Configuration 'Reservations' tab, check the 'Allow companion reservations checkbox
  3. If applicable, a room type can be selected for which a companion reservation is not allowed

If a companion reservation is enabled and allowed, after the 'Reserve' button is clicked (from either Resmain.aspx or the sitemap.aspx), a companion reservation checkbox is added to the reservation summary panel on the left of either the ResEntry.aspx or VirtualStore.aspx page. When the checkbox is checked, you have the opportunity to select the start date and number of days (within primary reservation dates) for the companion reservation. See the sample screenshots below.

When the 'Add' button is clicked, the reservation summary is updated to reflect the added charges and if applicable any change to the deposit amount. Uncheck the companion reservation box and the charges are removed. When 'Make Reservation' is clicked, both the primary and companion reservations are booked, with the companion reservation charges on the primary reservation folio.

  1. IRMNet will label the companion reservation checkbox and charge in the reservation summary with the Description from the C2 table for the N/Rxxx companion reservation room type. For example, if the companion room type is N/RCAR and the description for that room type is 'Additional Car', then 'Additional Car' is the label. 
  2. IRMNet/Custom/<dataserver> /rdp<xx> /UserText/CompanionRes.htm: if it exists will be displayed above the companion reservation checkbox 
  3. RMNet/Custom/<dataserver> /rdp<xx> /UserText/CompanionRes2.htm:  if it exists will be displayed at the top of the window for selecting companion reservation dates
  4. IRMNet/Custom/<dataserver> /rdp<xx> /UserText/CompanionResUnavail.htm: If there are no companion reservatoin roomtype units available for the selected dates - customize the error text here. Guest has the opportunity to try different dates (still within the primary reservation dates)