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RDPWin & Peachtree Accounting

Article ID#: KWin0008 - Added 4/5/2005
Updated 10/12/07


Resort Data Processing HIGHLY recommends that Peachtree and RDPWin are not installed on the same computer.  Only use the procedure below when there is absolutely no alternative.

Peachtree Accounting is a popular desktop accounting package which conflicts with RDPWin.  In particular, it causes Crystal Reports to issue an error "Data Object cannot be accessed..." and lists an RDP file that cannot be opened.

Peachtree uses both Crystal Reports and Btrieve.  Peachtree installs Btrieve version 6.15 in both it's Program Files\Peachtree folder and in the c:\Windows\System32 folder.  Crystal Reports automatically looks to the System32 folder for needed DLLs and ends up picking up the older version of Btrieve, which doesn't work with Crystal Version 10.

After booting a computer, no Pervasive engine is typically loaded.  The first product to need the Pervasive client, will load it's version.  RDPWin will load version 8 and Peachtree will load version 6.15.  Version 8 can be configured to load automatically upon booting, but the default is not to load.

In order to have these products coexist, the Pervasive files must be removed from the c:\Windows\System32 folder.  Since these are also in the Program Files\Peachtree folder, they aren't really needed.  Delete the following files:

  • WBTR32.EXE

Peachtree 2008, RDPWin, and Pervasive

Peachtree 2008 ships with its own Pervasive 9.1 database engine.  RDPWin 2.0 or higher requires Pervasive 9.5 or higher.  When both Pervasive 9.1 and 9.5 are installed on the same machine, Peachtree 2008 tries to access Pervasive 9.5 and issues Error 3012.  When only Pervasive 9.1 is installed, Peachtree works fine; however, RDPWin and DOS issue errors that Pervasive 9.5 is required.

Solution:  Install the Pervasive Workgroup Engine.  A 30-day trial version is available at  Perform the following steps:

  1. Use Add/Remove Programs to uninstall Pervasive (if installed).
  2. Use Add/Remove Programs to Uninstall RDPWin Client.
  3. Download and install Pervasive PSQL v9 Workgroup Engine.
  4. Install and run Peachtree. If successful, then Peachtree and RDPWin should be able to work together.
  5. Reinstall RDPWin Client.
  6. Run RDPWin.  If problems occur, delete the RDPWinpath.txt located in C:\Program Files\ResortDataProcessing\RDPWin and try again.

Please call RDP Support at 970-845-7108 with any additional questions or if this solution is unsuccessful.

Starting RDPWin and then Peachtree

If RDPWin is started first and Pervasive version 8 is loaded, the pervasive engine icon will be seen in the system tray.  The Pervasive client version can be seen by going to the the Start section of RDPWin and expanding "System Info" and then the Pervasive node.  RDPWin should always use Pervasive 10 or higher.

At this point if Peachtree is started, it will issue the message:

Peachtree has detected that a newer version of Pervasive database software is installed on your computer. Version X.XX has not been tested with Peachtree Accounting. Do you want to run Peachtree with this untested version?

If you answer Yes to this, Peachtree will display a Pervasive stat 3012 and not start.  If you answer No, Peachtree will terminate.

To start Peachtree at this point:

  1. Close the RDPWin program.
  2. Right click on the Pervasive icon in the system tray.  It looks like a little computer with a green "+" sign on it. 
  3. Choose the "Stop Engines and Exit" option.
  4. Start Peachtree.  This will load Pervasive version 6.15.

Starting Peachtree and then RDPWin

If Peachtree is started first and Pervasive version 6.15 is loaded, there is no indication on the desktop that it is running.  The message seen above will be issued if version 6.15 is not loaded correctly.

At this point if RDPWin is started, it will work.  There is no check for Pervasive versions.  The Pervasive client version can be seen by going to the the Start section of RDPWin and expanding "System Info" and then the Pervasive node.  At this point it would show 6.15. 

To start RDPWin correctly:

  1. Close the Peachtree.program.
  2. Close the RDPWin program.
  3. Right click on the task bar (usually at the bottom of the Windows desktop) and choose Task Manager.
  4. Click on the Processes tab.
  5. Highlight the W32MKDE.EXE process and click on "End Process".  Confirm this action.
  6. Start RDPWin.
  7. If the Pervasive icon appears in the system tray, then Pervasive is loaded correctly.


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