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The list below contains articles relating to the RDP-DOS property management system.  You may also use the search option.  

RDP-DOS Accounting
K000208 06/07/11General Ledger Daily Export
K000181 09/30/04Separate Tax vs. Total Tax Calculations
K000177 11/12/03 Manual Adjustments to General Ledger Accounts & RDP Ledgers
RDPWin 01/0511 Procedures for Owner 1099's  Updated
K000081 01/03/01 How to adjust the beginning balances at the start of a new year if the totals do not carry over correctly
RDP-DOS Errors
K000207 04/21/11 Basic Error 9 Running 995
K000206 03/02/11 Basic Error 5 Line 34068 on 762 DOS Reports
K000205 11/19/10 Error Loading Run-Time Module RDP1202.exe: Incompatible Run-Time Module.
K000203 03/25/10 Basic Error 5 Running Update
K000184 03/18/05 Stat 4 Line 2006 File 168 Key 0 Buffer  XXAR   0
K000121 12/26/02 DOS Errors from Basic for RDPDOS and Pervasive Status Code Errors
K000097 10/04/02 How to solve a stat 2 or stat 54 on file 85.
K000095 10/04/02 How to solve a stat 4 on file 72.
K000094 10/04/02 How to solve a stat xx on file 91.
K000093 10/04/02 How to solve a stat XX on files 81, 82, or 83.
K000045 05/07/02 Basic Error 5 Line: 3672 Module: xxx-Note
K000044 05/07/02 Basic Error 62 Line: 1000 Module: Menu
K000056 08/07/02 Troubleshooting "Files in Use" Messages
K000038 05/02/02 Basic Error 5 Line 4030 Module RDP150-150G-150E
K000021 07/10/01 How to solve a Btrieve Stat 4, File: 93, Key: 0, Buffer: Master
RDP-DOS Owners
K000196 01/23/07 Advantages/Disadvantages of using the C1 Flat record to calculate owner credit card fees
K000009 03/16/00 Using "Day Count Override" codes for reporting a unit's rental history on report 558 - Owner MTD/YTD Recap
RDP-DOS Pervasive
K000204 06/11/10 Pervasive Client Software Not Installed
K000194 10/31/06 This application has failed to initialize because w3dbav80.dll was not found
K000189 01/06/06 Stat 46 with RDP000 or RDP910 using Pervasive Version 9 
K000188 12/27/05 Workstations and IRM can use current Version of Pervasive Client 
K000187 07/21/05 Correcting Stat 171 in RDPDOS, IRM, or RDPWin 
K000186 07/21/05 How to Update to Pervasive Version 7.94 on Data Server & IRM Client
K000185 03/25/05 Pervasive File Size Limitation
K000178 02/25/04 New Interface - Internet Billing Module (S5) allows posting internet usage charges to guest folio
K000163 05/16/03 Problems Installing & Configuring Pervasive.SQL using Terminal Services - IRM Server & Data Server
K000133 12/27/02 Installing Pervasive SP3 on a Novell Server
K000060 08/26/02 How to Verify the Version of Pervasive Clients (Workstations)
K000057 08/13/02 RDP Does Not Support Pervasive on Novell Servers (Netware)
K000053 07/29/02 Uninstalling Pervasive from the Data Server, IRM, or client workstation
K000017 04/22/01 How to Verify the Version of Pervasive Engines (Servers)
RDP-DOS Printing
K000209 11/17/11 Printing from RDP DOS on Windows 7 Workstations
K000199 06/19/08 Printer Does Not Save in RDP-DOS
K000198 09/19/07 Instructions from RDP-DOS Menu 99, 096 option D
K000176 08/13/03 Using PRN2File instead of a real printer
K000179 05/12/04 Tricks to printing with RDPDOS using Terminal Services or Citrix
K000146 02/10/03 BASIC ERROR 75 Line: 33022 Module: Menu-OutPut-PrScr Station: 000002
K000145 02/10/03 BASIC ERROR 64 Line: 32939 Module: Menu-SrchPath-OutPut-PrScr Station: 0000
K000116 11/23/02 Remote printing is now possible using Terminal Services and Windows 2000
K000117 11/23/02 Remote printing is now possible using Carbon Copy 32
K000114 11/01/02 USB Printers Can be used on Windows 2000 and Windows XP workstations
K000069 04/17/01 Installing TCP/IP shared printers
K000065 08/28/02 Basic Error 75 Printing to a Windows Shared Printer
K000064 08/28/02 Error 18: (Null) Using the Net Use command printing
K000048 05/01/02 Troubleshooting Printers
K000036 04/17/02 Slow/Delayed Printing from Win2000 Professional
K000197 03/28/07 Copy rate plan cutoffs to different rate plans.
K000063 08/28/02 No Rate Set Defined - Incorrect nightly room charge posted to a reservation
K000118 12/16/02 How to Change Rates (Freeze Rates with Option RDP990)
K000014 02/28/00 Adding a season surcharge to rate plans with the Enhanced Rates and Packages module installed.
K000013 08/12/98 Defining rate sets in order to account for single occupancy and sharewith reservations
RDP-DOS Reservations
K000098 10/04/02 Cannot Add Pre-deduct Travel Agent to Reservation
K000096 10/04/02 Seasonal Data C3-XXXX Not Found - Use RDP090 to Define Now
K000092 10/04/02 Changing confirmation default in RDP120, F3, option V (Print Confirmations)
K000091 10/04/02 Brochure requests.  Steps for tracking and printing brochure requests.
K000193 09/13/06 Long Term Flag Definitions
K000132 12/27/02 Credit Limits - Setting the credit limit on a reservation
K000089 10/04/02 No-show charges.  How to charge a reservation a no-show fee.
K000088 10/04/02 Steps to un-checkout a reservation
K000062 08/29/02 Enhanced Rates and Packages Required for Rate Calculation by 3/31/2002
K000052 07/19/02  C1 UTSEQ: Alternate sequence for displaying unit types on yield mgmt screen
K000015 02/28/00 Automatically calculate the "Deposit" and "Deposit Due" fields for new reservations.
RDP-DOS System Manager
KWin0191 03/22/12 Copy or Run a New Demo
K000202 06/27/08 System Manager Menu Error:  Program Not Found
K000192 04/17/06 Make global change to a field using Change All.
K000113 10/25/02 Basic Error 68 ** Line: 230 Module: 000 Station: 0000xx
K000108 10/09/02 Cannot Open Files Exclusively when Running 995
K000107 10/09/02 Creating a UPD File (Creating a program that automatically adds records to menus)
K000105 10/09/02 Change Descriptions on 370 Daily Managers Report and Statistical Totals Reports
K000104 10/09/02 Customizing the comment fields on RDP screens
K000102 10/09/02 RDP's screen saver
K000101 10/04/02 Toggling between windows and full screen mode.
K000099 10/04/02 Out of disk space - cleaning up the RDP directory and its subfolders
K000087 07/07/98 Enhanced Property Code Features
K000073 09/20/02 Market code hierarchy - How a market code is assigned to a reservation
K000072 09/19/02 Posting a Transaction Error: No Text Found in Help File
K000066 08/28/02 Maximum Number of Menu Records (75)
K000011 08/15/98 Making adjusting entries to RDP general ledger accounts, transaction code totals, and ledger totals. This article has been replaced by K000177.
RDP-DOS Tables
K000131 12/26/02 E1 - EH Tables - Comment Fields
K000130 12/26/02 X+ Table - Additional Security
K000129 12/26/02 PW Table - System Security
K000128 12/26/02 CF Table - Market Codes
K000127 12/26/02 CD Table - Source of Business
K000126 12/26/02 CA Table - Guest Types
K000125 12/26/02 C8 Table - Guest Requests
K000124 12/26/02 C7 Table - Taxes and Pay Codes
K000123 12/26/02 C3 Table - Seasonal Calendar
K000122 12/26/02 C2 Table - Room Type Validation
K000050 06/27/02 C1 Table: Contains sub-records used to activate custom features  
RDP-DOS Miscellaneous
K000201 05/23/08 Basic Error 6 Running 998 - 233,xxx,xxx,xxx Trillion Number
K000200 06/26/08 Error: RDP 995 - Number of Reservations Transferred Not Equal to Total Reservations in Starting File
K000195 01/16/07 How to fix Stat 5 File 91 while running 910 Option 2 - Guest History
F000078 07/12/06 Overview of Lock-off units including housekeeping and occupancy count issues
Encryption 04/11/06 This article has been replaced by Encryption.  RDP tools - Payment Card Industry (PCI) Credit Card Compliance
K000191 03/24/06 Improving system performance by purging historical data
K000190 03/24/06 How to fix Guest History records with a blank guest type
K000180 09/29/04 Stat 29 Running RDP995 after RDPWin Update
K000175 08/08/03 Hardware - Unable to grant permissions to folders or files in Windows XP using NTFS
K000174 08/08/03 Hardware - Status 1021 from  with NTFS if logged on as user other than Administrator
K000173 07/30/03 Folio A & B Paycode Defaults
K000148 03/19/03 RDP Files - listing of RDP data files by file number and a brief description of their contents
K000141 01/21/03 Windows 2000 or XP clients cannot login to RDP - "NTVDM.EXE has generated errors..."
K000119 12/18/02 All users of Windows 2000 or XP must be a member of local Administrator Group 
K000111 10/18/02 Tape Backup Exec Settings for an Accurate Backup
K000110 10/09/02 Rebuilding Statistics and Manual Adjustments to Statistics
K000090 10/04/02 Gift certificates.  How to sell and keep track of gift certificates.
K000082 10/02/00 Compounding or "Piggy Backing" Taxes - An Example
K000080 09/26/02 Stat 4 Line: 2800 File: 93 Key: 0 Buf: >     MASTER< running 920 Generate Forecast Records
K000070 12/28/98 Freeing Conventional Memory
K000067 08/28/02 Protobase - Basic Error 76 Line 3260 Module 132-SDC trying to take a credit card payment
K000059 08/14/02 Memory, DGroup, Stack - How RDP programs allocate conventional memory
K000058 08/14/02 RDP's Program Libraries
K000051 06/27/02 Security - X+ Table: Contains sub-records used to set security fence levels for options that are not directly on a menu
K000046 05/07/02 Unable to Connect with Terminal Services
K000043 05/03/02 Microsoft NET Commands
K000042 05/03/02 Microsoft NET Use Prompts for Password
K000041 05/03/02 Microsoft NET Use Command Says "Invalid Command"
K000040 05/03/02 Microsoft NET  Use Command is Slow
K000016 08/15/98 An overview of how RDP calculates statistical totals
K000012 07/15/98 An overview of group master and group leader billing
K000004 08/15/98 Security - Adding a minimum nights override password
K000003 08/15/98 Security - Adding a checkout with balance due password.  Prevent guests from checking out of the RDP system with a balance due
K000002 03/11/11 Security - Adding a rate override password
K000001 08/15/98 Security - Adding an overbooking password
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