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RDP Web Support Ticket System



Welcome to the RDP Support Ticket system, which is designed to quickly provide solutions via e-mail or phone as follows:

  1. Login using your RDP support e-mail address and password.  Call 970-845-7108 for new accounts or problems. 
    1. Click the Add button.
    2. In the Short Description field at the top, enter a description of the issue. Note: This field must be completed before the ticket can be saved.
    3. In the Description section, enter details of the issue.
    4. Click the Save & Close button.
    5. If adding any attachments to the ticket, do so after saving by dragging and dropping the document into the Attachment section on the right side.

  1. An RDP support engineer will send a second e-mail, usually within 20 minutes, that has a possible solution or provides an opportunity to schedule a phone call and WebEx session.   Please reply to this e-mail as soon as you receive it.
  2. Support tickets will receive responses during normal RDP Support Business Hours.  For after-hour emergencies, use 24 hour emergency support.



After a ticket is submitted, an e-mail is sent with a possible solution or an opportunity to schedule a support session.

If you are having trouble with the ticketing system or need to open a new account,
please call us at 970-845-7108.