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RDPWin Version 4 Available - PCI Compliant

3/1/2014 - Resort Data Processing (RDP) is pleased to announce the release of RDPWin Version 4 (RDPWin4), which is available immediately and it is fully PCI credit card compliant and certified.  As part of PCI compliance customers currently using any version of RDPWin must upgrade to RDPWin4 by 10/1/2015.  Legacy DOS customers have a choice of upgrading to RDPWin Version 4 OR continuing to use DOS with the Credit Card features deactivated.  Please carefully review both of the links below.


RDPWin Version 4 New Features

The following features are included with an upgrade to RDPWin Version 4

  • Multiple Credit Cards on a reservation
  • Multiple Email Addresses on a reservation
  • Enhanced Deposit Request Policy
  • Credit Cards on Owners for Recurring Payments
  • Report Scheduling
  • Reporter Sub-Folders
  • Long Term Stats, (Monthly rent is distributed to daily stats)
  • Forecast generation by RDPWin Monitor, (Forecast can be scheduled for any time during the night)

IRM.Net Version 4 New Features

The following features are included with an upgrade to RDPWin/IRM.Net Version 4

  • IRM.Net owners portal now uses a menu instead of tabs.  Click here for a demo 
  • Long term reservations are now supported
  • CSS button/corner support - Click here for a demo
  • Due to PCI compliance, if credit cards are being taken by the IRM.Net, the IRM.Net cannot be included in an I-Frame
  • Due to PCI compliance, the IRM.Net will no longer allow a credit card number to be taken unless the Shift4 credit card gateway module is installed.


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