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Checklist for Internet Reservation Module 

Thank you for purchasing RDP's Internet Reservation Module (IRM)  This document serves as an outline for organizing the installation of the IRM.   Please complete the following table as you progress through the IRM installation process.  Follow the links within the table for additional information regarding a specific step.  For more information, please contact RDP Sales at (970) 845-1140.  Also please see New Customer Installation Checklist.

Links to RDP Data Server and Internet Reservation Module (IRM) documents

Thank you for purchasing RDP's Internet Reservation Module (IRM)  This document serves as an outline for organizing the installation of the IRM.   Please complete the following table as you progress through the IRM installation process.  Follow the links within the table for additional information regarding a specific step.  Or, for more information, please contact RDP Sales at (970) 845-1140.

Internet Reservation Module Checklist Completion Date
Purchase the Internet Reservation Module from RDP Sales  
Verify that your Data Server is running Microsoft Windows 2003 or 2008 (Novell Not Allowed)  
Purchase an IRM Bridge Server that meets the IRM Hardware specifications  
Purchase Microsoft Expression Web.  Expression Web is used for Customizing the IRM  
Talk to your Marketing Website Designer regarding changing links to the IRM  
Purchase Paint Shop Pro X3 Ultimate to reformat pictures -   
Purchase Crystal Reports Version 2008 if you wish to modify any reports  
Purchase Anti-Virus software for the IRM, and verify it is configured to NOT SCAN network drives  
Verify that the Southern DataComm Credit Card Interface is installed (for properties accepting on-line credit card payments)  
Verify Pervasive Pervasive.SQL Version 10 or higher is installed on the Data Server  
Verify your property has a website that is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year  
Secure an External Routable IP address for your IRM Bridge Server.  
Decide whether or not your property will use a Security Certificate for on-line credit card payments  
Verify your property has a firewall  
Print the IRM Bridge Server Installation documentation.  
Provide RDP with the Administrator Password to the RDP Data Server  
Verify that Terminal Services is installed on the IRM Bridge Server  
Read Critical Factors to consider when configuring room types & room numbers  
There are special considerations related to the "guest search criteria". See:  IRM Search Criteria.  
Contact RDP Support to complete your IRM installation.  

For additional information on any of the steps listed below, please contact RDP Sales at (970) 845-1140.

Microsoft Expression Web

The IRM has many user controlled HTML screens.  For example, you can input your deposit policies, cancellation rules, detailed descriptions of each room type, etc.  While there are many products that can create HTML screens, RDP Support has been trained in Microsoft Expression Web.  With Expression Web, you can add pictures, colors, maps, different fonts, etc. to make your Internet Reservation site look great.

Customers must purchase a copy of Microsoft Expression Web, which is available at most computer stores, or from various internet sites, such as

Enhanced Rates & Package Module

The RDP system was originally installed in 1982.  Over the last 20 years the methods used to calculate rates have continued to improve.  The current method is to use "RN - Enhanced Rates and Packages", which contains all the capabilities of previous rate calculation methods and many additional features.  The IRM requires the installation of the "RN - Enhanced Rates and Packages" module.  To determine if you have this module, follow these steps:

  1. Start RDP on any workstation and select the appropriate "Resort Directory".
  2. Pause at the RDP Login screen.  All installed modules are listed here.  Your system must show the RN - Enh. Rates & Pkgs module.

Credit Card Processing with Southern DataComm

The IRM can process a credit card deposit from the guest during the reservation process if the Credit Card module is installed.  This is the preferred solution for all customers who wish to require an advance deposit with the IRM.  To determine if you have the Credit Card module, follow the steps above to view the installed modules on your system.  Look for the "RQ - CCard Int." module.

If you have not purchased the Credit Card module you can still use the IRM to collect the credit card information from the guest.  However you must manually process the credit card deposit.  For example, some IRM customers print a report of "IRM Reservations made today" each day, and then manually process credit cards.

Pervasive.SQL Version 9.5 or higher

The IRM stores all reservations made on the data server, using the same database as the main RDP system, Pervasive.SQL.  The IRM requires that the data server uses Pervasive Version 9.5 or higher.  See Pervasive Software Overview.

Internet Connection Requirements

Prior to installing the Internet Reservation Module, please verify:

  1. Your property has a marketing website 
  2. You must obtain a static IP address from your Internet Service Provider. When the guest selects the "on-line reservation" link from your marketing website, this static IP address is used to "hyperlink" the guest to the IRM.

Adding Links From Your Marketing Website to the IRM

Once the IRM is installed, configured, and tested, hyperlinks need to be added from your marketing website to the IRM.  These links enable guests, travel agents, groups, wholesalers, and owners to easily make reservations and access other IRM functions.  The links can have any text such as "make a reservation now" and should appear in multiple locations on the marketing website.  Use buttons, text, graphics, etc., to enhance the links.

See Adding Links from the Marketing Website to the IRM.

Credit Card Security

The Internet Reservation Module may be configured to accept on-line credit card payments.  For properties choosing to activate this feature, RDP suggests a "Security Certificate".  Security certificates insure that passwords and credit card information are encrypted and secure over the Internet connection.  A Security Certificate must be purchased annually from a Certificate Authority.   The IRM uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for encrypting data on the IRM Bridge Server.  There are a number of companies that provide the certificate, including:

For more details, please see IRM Security - SSL Certificate


Diagram of Data Server,  IRM Server, and Workstations

IRM Training and Configuration

RDP suggests purchasing a three-day onsite installation/training when the IRM is purchased.  Please call RDP Sales at 970-845-7108 to arrange for installation and training.

IRM Troubleshooting Links

Troubleshooting the Internet Reservation Module (IRM)
Eliminate Session Running Warning and Correct Linking to the IRM from your Marketing Website
Testing and Troubleshooting the IRM with IRMTOOLS.HTM
Limit Guest Requests on the IRM
Configure Room Types and Numbers
Troubleshooting DNS (Domain Name Services) with IRM
Using Filemon.exe and Regmon.exe to Find Security Problems with IRM and Data Server
Changing Pervasive Terminal Services Security with RegEdit
Correcting a Stat 94 - Editing IRM Bridge Server SAT Entries
Installation, Configuration & Troubleshooting Internal SMTP Outgoing E-mail Server
Windows Internal Firewall May Need to be Turned Off
Knowledge Base (IRM)

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