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Changing Credit Card Processors or Merchant File

RDP customers have relationships with more than a dozen credit card processors, each with unique interface specifications.  To seamlessly integrate with a variety of credit card processors, RDP uses a "middleware"™ product, Protobase, developed by Elavon (formerly Southern DataComm - SDC).

Elavon creates a unique merchant data file for each RDP customer, which contains your processor name and other critical information.   Various situations can require a new Elavon file, including changing processors, bank mandated changes, or policy changes by credit card companies. The process of changing the credit card file can be time consuming and labor intensive. For more detailed information on credit card processing, see Credit Card Interface Overview.

Note: After ordering a new system with the RDP credit card interface or requesting a change in credit card processors for an existing system, it will be 15-20 business days for Elavon to process this order. This timeframe is required in order for Elavon to build the new interface parameter file, perform testing, and to complete quality assurance of the new file. Please place your order with this timeframe in mind.

  1. Before signing a new processor contract, please consider re-negotiating with your current processor, as there is a minimum $1,100 fee to fee to change processors, and it will take a minimum of 4 weeks. Expedited change fees are a minimum $500 charge for less than a 4 week turnaround.

  2. It is important to compare various credit card processors. RDP has a preferred credit card processing partner, SaleSynergy. Contact Camille Fowler at 970-926-2660 or

  3. Once a processor is selected, contact RDP Sales to purchase the Credit Card Processor Change Service. The fee starts at $1,100 and increases based on the number of merchant numbers.  The entire process can take a minimum of 4 weeks. Expedited change fees are a minimum $500 charge for less than a 4-week turnaround.  Please do not have your credit card processor or bank representative call RDP until after purchasing the change service from RDP.

  4. After purchase, please print and complete the Merchant Activation Form and license agreement with the new processor's information. Fax the form to RDP at 970-845-0150.  Adobe Reader is required to print this form.  See to download this free software.   If the activation forms are not completed accurately, the process may be delayed.

  5. RDP forwards the completed activation form to Elavon to begin the process of building the new merchant file.

  6. A dedicated Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 PC with at least 1 Gig of RAM is required and acts as the gateway between RDP and Protobase. 

  7. Properties currently using a modem with a dial-up phone line to process credit cards should consider converting to Internet-based, high-speed credit card processing.  A transaction that takes 30 seconds on a modem can be completed in less than six (6) seconds with high-speed access.  See High-speed Internet Credit Card Processing.

  8. Once RDP receives the new merchant file from Protobase, your RDP account manager schedules an RDP Support Technician to activate the change. 

  9. The entire process from order to installation normally takes 4 - 8 weeks.  If you have any questions, please call Rita at 970-845-1143.

RDP and Elavon are fully PCI certified - see RDPWin Version 3 and PCI Compliance.

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