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ProtoBase® is PCI Compliant - Upgrade Required

There are many credit card processors that can be used to verify and process credit card payments.  RDP software utilizes a product called Protobase by Elavon.  This software communicates with a wide variety of card processors.  It is always a good idea to comparison shop various credit card processors.  You may wish to call RDP's credit card processing partner, SaleSynergy.  The contact is:  Camille Fowler 970-926-2660 or

In order to be PCI compliant, Protobase requires a mandatory upgrade.  Customers using an older version of Protobase software will by listed by  VISA as using a Vulnerable Payment Application.  VISA has mandated that these versions of software no longer be used by merchants as of July 1, 2010.

Customers should immediately upgrade to the current version of Protobase.  The "File Gateway" interface in prior versions of RDP, where the credit card information was passed to Protobase using a common file on the network, is no longer supported.  The new interface uses TCP/IP to communicate directly to/from RDP and Protobase.  After the update, update your information online (

NOTE:  If TCP/IP is implemented, RDP-DOS will stop functioning in the reservation, front desk, groups and owner billing areas.  RDPWin must be used as the primary product.  Essentially, RDP-DOS is turned off.  Classic IRM must be upgraded to IRM.Net.  Also, the Enhanced Movie Interface  or Video Check-out will not function.

If Protobase Versions 4.7 - 4.80 and PbAdmin 4.3 - 5.00 are currently in use, these must be upgraded.  Elavon will terminate any maintenance agreement for older products and report to VISA that a vulnerable payment application is in use.

RDP Products and PCI Compliance


RDPWin 2.90 and higher have the ability to communicate with the new version of Protobase using TCP/IP.  This can be configured and implemented currently as a step towards PCI compliance.  As in the above note, RDP-DOS will be turned off once TCP/IP is implemented.  RDPWin must be used for all reservation, front desk, group, owner and credit card functions.

RDPWin Version 3 is PCI compliant.

Classic IRM to IRM.Net

In order to use the TCP/IP connection to Protobase, IRM.Net must be in place.  The classic IRM will no longer function after Protobase is updated.  Please call the RDP Sales Department to schedule an upgrade.  There are some configuration steps needed to make IRM.Net look good with your marketing site.  This can be done immediately since IRM.Net will work with both the old and new Protobase.

Enhanced Move Interface (Video Check-out)

The current Video Check-out module only works with the non-TCP/IP version of Protobase.  Once TCP/IP is implemented, this interface must be turned off.  RDP will be rewriting this interface in the near future.


As noted above, RDP-DOS will essentially be turned off when Protobase TCP/IP is implemented.  This includes all reservation, front desk, group, owner and credit card functions.  All interfaces (phone, maid, POS, Environment, etc.) will keep functioning.

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