RDPWin Accounting
KWin0185 01/26/12 Error Running 1099 in RDPWin Version 2
KB000208 07/26/11 General Ledger Export
KWin0174 07/01/11 Call Accounting Transaction Codes Not Posting Tax
KWin0172 06/10/11 Room Revenue GL Account and Stats Don't Balance
RDPWin 01/05/11 Owner 1099 Procedures
KWin0098 02/09/09 Stat 6 File 86 Key 6
KWin0008 04/05/05 Peachtree Accounting and RDPWin

RDPWin Audit
KWin0190 02/29/12 Reset Res From Folio
KWin0189 02/27/12 Skipped Day Accidentally During Close Day - Rolled Day Too Far
KWin0159 03/11/11 RDP995 is Running - Error Logging Into RDPWin
How-To 12/14/10 RDPWin Reset Availability Instructions
KWin0125 06/01/10 Remove Reservations from Checked-Out With Balance Due Report
KWin0100 07/02/08 Room and Tax Will Not Post - Error:  No In-house Guests
KWin0063 06/13/08 Skip: Res in Use by Another User When Posting Nightly Charges
KWin0062 06/13/08 Room and Tax Needs to be Posted for Today

RDPWin Credit Cards
KIN0066 05/18/21 Credit Card Receipts Not Printing from RDPWin
KWin0188 02/15/12 Credit Card Does Not Copy to Sharewith with VRP
KWin0181 11/01/11  Credit Card Processing Error (-19) Invalid Length for Field #0003
KWin0166 04/25/11 Authorization on Debit Cards
KWin0151 01/21/11 Swiping Credit Card on Reservation Detail Screen Does Not Show Swiped on Payment Screen
KWin0139 10/05/10 $1.00 Authorization for Address Verification on Payments
KWin0086 01/30/09 Swiping Credit Card on Terminal Server Connection Adds "5" to Credit Card Number

KWin0088 04/02/09 Error Logging into CRMWeb
KWin0068 06/19/08 CRM Configuration Error in Version 2.063
KWin0052 04/24/08  CRMWeb Pervasive Error - System Temporarily Unavailable
KWin0032 12/13/06 CRM Demo Mode Steps

RDPWin Housekeeping
KWin0075 08/21/08 Do Not Mark Rooms Dirty - Customers w/o Enhanced Hskpg Module S2

RDPWin Masters (Except Owners)
KWin0104 02/08/08 Credit Card Encryption Error
KWin0079 10/02/08 Use Wholesalers w/o Using Net Rates or Billing Group Masters
~ Pre-Deduct Travel Configuration ~
KWin0078 10/02/08 Group Leader/Master Reservation Transfer Amount is Incorrect
KWin0057 06/02/08 Remove Room From Inventory
KWin0046 10/03/07 Credit Card CID# Storage Not Allowed
KWin0005 05/21/06 Critical factors to consider when configuring room types & room numbers

RDPWin Owners
KWin0186 01/30/12 Owner Statements Showing Up Blank - No Data Displays
KWin0175 07/21/11 Owner Statement Taking Too Long to Generate
How-To 12/15/10 Transfer Ownership of Rooms
RDPWin 12/22/10 Owner 1099 Procedures
KWin0134 08/02/10 Out of balance statements due to large numbers
KWin0116 01/05/10 Create an owner reserve amount
KWin0106 04/01/08 Invalid Owner Was Specified - for Encrypted Users.dat
KWin0082 10/23/08 Hawaii Tax1 and Tax2
KWin0073 07/31/08 Owner Statements - B7D7 vs. B7DA in Statement Summary
KWin0050 02/22/08 Eliminate foreign owners from electronic 1099s
KWin0035 01/17/07 Troubleshooting Problems With Owner Revenue
KWin0034 12/21/06 Post TX From File
KWin0017 02/22/06 How to display Statement-Work Order Description on Owner Statements
KWin0016 02/09/06 Changing the beginning statement date on Owner Statements
KWin0012 07/26/05 Fix Owner Occupancy Stats

RDPWin Pervasive
Kwin0209 12/04/14 Pervasive error saving change to a reservation in Pervasive version or higher.
KWin0206 07/16/14 Pervasive Status Codes
KWin0195 07/23/12 Can't Logon to RDPWin on Any Workstation - Pervasive Administrator Logon Prompt
KWin0152 01/27/11 Error Closing Day in RDPWin Version 2 - TableC1
KWin0133 07/14/10 Error 14222 Applying Pervasive license Key using pervasive 10.3
KWin0111 07/29/08 Pervasive Error:  No Such Table or Object  - S1 Table Configuration Errors
KWin0099 02/09/09 Pervasive Error When Using CRM - System is Temporarily Unavailable
KWin0095 09/25/09 RDPWin using more licenses than workstations accessing Pervasive (Stat 161)
KWin0070 06/30/08 Save & Install Pervasive Hot Fixes
KWin0058 12/29/08 Stat 35 Error - Application Encountered a Directory Error
KWin0052 04/24/08 CRMWeb Pervasive Error - System Temporarily Unavailable
KWin0041 08/22/07 Pervasive 9 Error Causes Masters List to Break in RPWin Version 2.xxx
KWin0029 10/19/06 Logon-CheckPervasive: -ServerSettingsOK: DTO-Disconnect
KWin0026 08/01/06 Pervasive Status 46 - Access Denied
KWin0020 03/30/06 Pervasive Workgroup Engine must be installed as a Service on Citrix or Windows Terminal Server

RDPWin Printing
KWin0149 12/22/10 Cannot Select Printer for F2 Print in RDPWin on Vista or Windows 7
KWin0144 11/09/10 Epson TM-T88V Credit Card Receipt Printer Doesn't Auto-cut
KWin0140 10/11/10 Printing Error 1801 on Credit Card Receipts or Folios
KWin0048 10/04/07 Form Feeding and Printers
KWin0015 01/31/06 Folio printing or previewing slowly

RDPWin Protobase
KWin0096 09/22/09 Performance Slow During Credit Card Processing
KWin0092 07/09/09 Process: Unable to Connect - Socket
KWin0074 08/05/08 Protobase Credit Card Settlement Error
KWin0055 05/28/08 Release Authorizations - Error 59
KWin0051 03/13/08 Protobase Error - Invalid or Missing Field #0006

RDPWin Rates
KWin0160 03/16/11 Components: "Daily or Once" Definitions
How-To 10/27/10 RDPWin Rate How-To. Configuring Rates, Seasons, Patterns, Cut-offs, etc.
KWin0093 08/12/09 Clearing Folios & Rate Plan Packages
KWin0028 10/12/06 "Cannot find column -7xxxxx" error in RatePlan-GetRatePerDay

RDPWin Reports
KWin0198 12/12/12 Error Message When Previewing HTML Email in RDPWin
KWin0192 04/23/12 Emails Not Sent from RDPWin Monitor
KWin0184 01/25/12 Turn off Data Execution Protection (DEP) on Windows Server 2003
KWin0183 01/23/12 Error Running Reports on 64-bit Computer
KWin0154 02/17/11 Attempted to Read Write Protected Memory Error
KC00020 02/17/11 Missing Indexes on Crystal Report
KWin0136 08/13/10 Retrieving the COM Class Factory for Component with CLSID error in RDPWin Reporter
KWin0135 08/13/10 RDPWin RoomForecastbyGenCat reports
KWin0131 06/30/10 Remove Sharewith Reservations From Reports
KC00016 02/13/08 Convert Crystal Reports to Use ODBC
KWin0060 06/12/08 Crystal Error and Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2008
KWin0056 06/02/08 Create Mailing Lists Using RDPWin and Excel
KWin0047 10/03/07 E-mailing Guests with AOL E-mail Addresses Returned
KWin0044 09/06/07 Crystal sorting bug
KWin0042 08/31/07 Error Getting into RDPWin and RDP-DOS After Updating IRM to Rev. 2.348
KWin0031 10/24/06 Email Error - The directory name is invalid
KWin0025 02/17/11 "Unknown Query Engine" error running a Crystal report
KWin0019 03/20/06 Using Email from RDPWin and Crystal Reports
KWin0010 06/01/05 Using Windows XP for Outgoing SMTP Email Server
KWin0009 05/09/05 Crystal 10 With SP2 Breaks Group Sorting
KWin0007 03/22/05 Crystal 10: Reports Load Slowly
KWin0201 12/17/13 Central Stats for Carefree
KWin0208 10/22/14 Crystal Freezes running reports and displays error

RDPWin Reservations
KWin0197 12/03/12 Charging Tax for Reservations from Daily Deal Sites Like Groupon
KWin0193 04/26/12 Folio A & B Paycode Defaults
KWin0180 10/18/11 Package Detail and Reset Res From Folio
KWin0179 10/12/11 Error Posting Nightly Charges - PostNightlyCharges-ProcessOneRes
KWin0171 06/09/11 Old or New Rates Prompt - Reservation Changes
KWin0168 05/02/11 Confirmation Sent Status Field Descriptions
KWin0165 04/15/11 Room Rotation - Available Rooms Screen
KWin0158 03/09/11 Minimum Night Stay - Troubleshooting & Locations
KWin0155 02/18/11 Daily Charge Posting Sequence
KWin0153 02/02/11 Time Stamp on Availabl.dat File
How-To 11/04/10 Gift Certificates
KWin0141 10/13/10 Configurable Email Text for Custom Room Help
KWin0125 06/01/10 Stop Printing Sharewith Folio at Check-out
KWin0120 05/05/10 No Tape Chart Access with Windows 7
KWin0119 03/05/10 Alpha-numeric Reservation Numbers
KWIn0114 02/12/08 Long Term Reservation Screen - Displays Incorrectly
KWin0107  04/24/08 RDPWin 2.054 Not Allowing DOS Reservations - Travel Services Error
KWin0103 06/24/08 Error Making a M Reservation in RDPWin 2.063
  12/01/08 Configure Reservations (PDF Format)
KWin0078 10/02/08 Group Leader/Master Reservation Transfer Amount is Incorrect
KWin0072 07/18/08 Tape Chart Does Not Display/Screen Resolutions
KWin0069 06/19/08 Perform Chargeback in RDPWin
KWin0067 06/17/08 Reverse "Group or Owner Transfer"
KWin0027 10/18/06 Long Term Reservation Configuration
KWin0022 04/06/06 Folios Not Showing All Transactions for VRS Customers
KWin0013 10/06/05 Converting Existing Customers to VRS & Direct Check-out

RDPWin Survey Module
KINet0053 0823/12 Survey Module Requirements and Installation Instructions for a 2008 Server
KINet0054 08/23/12 Survey Module Requirements and Installation Instructions for a 2003 Server

RDPWin System
KWin0194 05/16/12 Windows 7 Computer Runs Slow on a Workgroup
KWin0191 03/22/12 Copy or Run a New Demo
KWin0173 06/23/11 Improving System Performance - Purge Historical Data
KWin0170 06/07/11 RDP File Numbers
KWin0169 05/25/11 Cannot Complete RDPWin Server Install - Error 1920 RDPWin Monitor
KWin0167 04/27/11 E-Mail / SMTP Server Configuration and Troubleshooting
KWin0164 04/13/11 RDPWin Monitor Causing Constant Server Reboot
KWin0163 04/12/11 RDP Backup Requirements
KWin0162 04/04/11 GDS Reservations Not Being Input in RDPWin - RDPWin Monitor Not Running
KWin0161 04/04/11 Confirmations Not Sent with RDPWin Monitor
KWin0146 12/06/10 User Account Locked
KWin0138 09/30/10 Logon Already in Use - Users Remain in Lockfile After Logoff
KWin0127 06/15/10 The firstpath \\server\rdpnt\rdp in the rdpwinpath.txt does not exist.
KWin0115 02/25/08 Rate Plan Patterns - Not Saving Correctly
KWin0105 05/30/08 Error Editing Users
KWin0097 10/05/09 SMTP Authentication
KWin0090 06/10/09 Btrieve Error 51 During Checkfiles
KWin0089 04/08/09 Stat 3105 Trying to Log Into RDP
KWin0085 12/05/08 Stat 5 Running 995
KWin0084 11/10/08 RDPWin Help Invalid Address in Vista
KWin0083 11/03/08 Single Record in TablFile.DAT
KWin0081 10/23/08 System Use Transaction Codes
KWin0080 10/17/08 Improve System Performance
KWin0077 09/28/08 Configuration System Failed to Initialize
KWin0076 09/19/08 Deleting Active Users From All RDP Sessions
KWin0066 06/17/08 Duplicate Workstation Numbers
KWin0064 06/17/08 Set the Workstation Number
KWin0061 06/13/08 Stat 3012 on All Workstations
KWin0054 05/20/08 Add a Workstation
KWin0036 02/08/07 Configure RDPWin Monitor for Auto-Restart
KWin0021 03/30/06 Performance issues when accessing RDPWin Remotely with Citrix or Terminal Services
KWin0014 01/06/06 Column not in table message
KWin0011 06/27/05 RDPWin Help File Not Displayed
KWin0006 12/24/04 Anti-Virus software when set to scan Network Drives will cause RDP to slow down
KWin0004 12/07/04 Connecting to RDP Support using Net Meeting through a Firewall
KWin0211 03/20/17 Expedia Quick Connect URL Change - GDS
KWin0212 12/04/19 Use Reporter Scheduler to Email Emergency Reports
RDPWin Updates & Installations
KWin0205 04/22/14 RDPWin Version 4 Update Instructions for RDP Support
KWin0204 03/21/14 RDPWin Version 4 Pre-Installation Checklist for Customers
KWin0202 01/15/14 1920 Error installing RDPWin Server Updtae
KWin0178 09/22/11 RDPWinPath.txt File and Windows 7
KWin0176 07/13/11 Cannot Uninstall RDPWin Client
KWin0156 03/03/11 Important Firewall Ports for RDPWin, IRM.Net and Pervasive
KWin0145 11/22/10 Cannot Locate the Named Database Specified (Btrieve Error 2301)
Kwin0132 07/14/10 Installing RDPWin Version 3 Client on a Terminal Server
Kwin0124 05/10/10 RDPWin V3 Setup.exe Error
Kwin0123 05/07/10 RDPWin Version 3 Installation/Upgrade
Kwin0122 05/07/10 RDPWin Version 3 Pre-Installation Checklist for Customers
Kwin0120 03/05/10 Error 2738 - Could not access VPScript run time for custom action.
KWin0118 02/03/10 ClickOnce Error.rtf
KWin0113 02/22/08 Unrecoverable Error Stat 12
KWin0112 04/11/08 Stat 46 Line 237 File 6
KWin0110 03/17/08 Invalid Namespace - (Trace: Logon-GetServers)
KWin0109 04/11/08 RDPWin Help Errors
KWin0108 06/23/08 RDPWin Client Errors (RDPWin, CRMWeb, & IRM.net) - After New Client Installation
KWin0101 03/07/08 1 Gigabyte Memory Error
KWin0094 09/04/09 Stat 84 or Stat 85 Accessing a Data File
KWin0091 06/10/09 Error 1920 Installing RDPWin Server
KWin0087 04/02/09  RDPWin Install and Uninstall Errors
KWin0071 07/03/08 RDP Data Server Replacement
KWin0054 05/20/08 Add a Workstation
KWin0045 09/18/07 Migrating to RDPWin Version 2
KWin0042 08/31/07 Error Getting into RDPWin and RDP-DOS After Updating IRM to Rev. 2.348
KWin0040 08/21/07 Manual ODBC Connection for Upgrading to RDPWin Version 2.xxx
KWin0038 04/04/07 RDPWin requires an effective screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher
KWin0037 02/09/07 RDPWin Version 2 requires Pervasive Version 8.7 or 9.5. RDPWin will not start at all with Pervasive Version 7.xx
KWin0033 12/13/06 Windows Vista not Supported by RDP yet - Use Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2
KWin0030 10/19/06 Clean Up Disk Space from RDPWin / IRM Installations
KWin0003 10/02/04 Update RDP-DOS and IRM when RDPWin is updated
KWin0002 09/29/04 Starting RDPWin Causes Stat 6, 45 & 49
KWin0001 09/19/04 Starting RDPWin Produces Message "MSCoreE.dll Not Found"