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How To Configure the Map Link on the IRM.Net

IRM.Net has the ability to display interactive Google maps.  This feature is available when IRM.Net is in preassign mode, has been configured to display Map links, and addresses are available in the rooms master.  To enabled this feature:

  1. In RDPWin, to the IRM.Net main menu --> Configuration --> Reservations tab.
  2. Confirm or select the Preassign Reservations radio button. Note:Maps are only supported for IRM.Net Preassign configurations only.
  3. Click the Appearance tab.
  4. Uncheck the Hide 'Map' links checkbox. 
  5. Add valid addresses from the Masters main menu --> Rooms --> Change. Enter the room number.  The Map link is only visible for those rooms that have an address, city, state, and zip code fields.
  6. Obtain a maps API key from Google at www.google.com/apis/maps.  A Google account is required to obtain a maps API key.  Both accounts and API keys are available at no charge. 
    • Identify the appropriate website URL in the format http://yourdomain.com

    • Enter the domain of the IRM server such as http://sales.resortdata.com

    • The key generated is a long string.  Use Notepad to save it to c:/inetpub/wwwroot/irmnet/rdptext/mapsapikey.txt. 

      Note:  The domain entered when generating the key must match the IRM server in order for the Google maps to be generated.

  7. Start the IRM.Net.
  8. Select the appropriate room (in this example: 101), and click the Map link.

    The result should be:

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