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The Room Calendar screen was designed to display reservations for selected rooms in a traditional calendar format. This screen can be accessed from the Reservations main menu or by using the shortcut Alt+F9. Each colored bar on the calendar represents a reservation for that room. By hovering the mouse over a reservation, the guest's name, contact information, reservation number and dates are displayed. A single left click on the reservation will bring up the detail in a read-only view.

Up to four rooms can be selected to display on the calendar at a time, with the ability to set default rooms to automatically display. A different colored calendar can show for each room selected, or merge all calendars into one with the reservations displaying as a different colored bars signifying the different rooms. Reservation colors are non-configurable. The calendar has a date range for viewing reservations one year in the past to three years into the future.

Note:  This feature was specifically designed for New Jersey Motor Sports Park to view reservations for their two race tracks. Contact RDP Support for more information.

Start Date
From the Start Date field select the date for which to display the calendar by keying in the date or clicking the drop down for a calendar. The Start Date will default to the current system date in RDP. The scroll bar on the right side can be moved up or down to view one year in the past to three years into the future. If selecting a different start date, click the Refresh button at the bottom to display the updated information.
Click the Today button to return the calendar to the current system date in RDP. This button can be useful if the calendar has been scrolled far into the future or past in order to return quickly to today's date.
Number of Weeks to Display
Use the up and down arrows to increase or decrease the number of weeks to display on the calendar view without scrolling. The default is set to 4 weeks, however that number can changed from the Rooms Calendar tab located in the Reservation Configuration. The maximum number of weeks the calendar can display on the screen is 8 weeks due to size limitations. If the number of weeks is changed, click the Refresh button at the bottom to display the updated information.
From the Rooms drop down, select one or more than one room by placing a check next to the room(s) to display on the calendar. Up to four rooms may be displayed at a time. The room drop down can be configured to automatically display certain rooms, which can be selected from the Room Calendar tab located in the Reservation Configuration. A switch can also be set to prohibit users from selecting additional rooms that were not set as the default.
Merge or Separate
These radio buttons control the format of the calendar and whether the rooms will be displayed in one calendar or separate calendars. Select Merge in order to display a single calendar with the reservations showing in a different color based on the room number. Select Separate if each room should display its own calendar in a split screen.

Figure 1: Merged Calendar

Figure 2: Separate Calendar

See Reservation Configuration for more information.

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