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Crystal Reports

Calendar Not Available for Date Range Reports
When running a Crystal report in RDPWin, if the drop-down calendar does not appear when a date is needed, confirm that the "Pick from defaults" checkbox is unchecked.  When checked, the calendar is disabled.
Data Object Cannot Be Accessed Error
Go to http://support.resortdata.com/Customers/Knowledge/KB-RDPWin/KWin0008.htm to review an article on RDPWin & Peachtree Accounting.
Version Issues
When running a Crystal report in RDPWin, if "Query Engine Error" appears, this means that the report is a version 8.5 or earlier report and must be converted to Crystal 10.


Incorrect Display of Columns/Rows
Should any grids appear to not be displaying correctly, right-click and select Reset Grid Layout before calling support.  This function returns the current grid to its default settings and abandons any column width, filters, or group settings saved.  This is only available when the grid information is being saved, and it returns the entire grid to its default settings.  Use with caution.  (Not available in Work Orders & Asset Management/Vendors.)


If "HousekeepingEditHistory-ugHistory_InitializeRow: Exception: Cast from string *" appears, any hBoards.dat files created by previous RDPWin versions must be deleted.  In RDPWin 1.15, the format of the Housekeeping data file has changed.  The demo files include a file with the new format.  For any other resort directories, remove hBoards.dat and recreate the boards before attempting to use the Housekeeping module.


Rooms | Information Files (.rtf)
The Rich Text Box control used to display the Word or .rtf documents does not work with a Word "Text Box" or tables.  If a customer has existing files with pictures and text in a text box or tables, the information must be reformatted for the .rtf files to work properly in RDPWin.

No Prints

See Help for No Prints out of balance.


Create File Version
RDPWin checks the Pervasive Server engine for the "Create File Version" setting.  If this setting is lower than version 7.x, RDPWin will not start and a message with instructions to change this setting is displayed.  To check or change this setting:

  1. From the data server console, start Pervasive Control Center.
  2. Expand the "Pervasive.SQL Engines" node.
  3. Expand the computer name.
  4. Expand "Configuration "
  5. Expand "Settings"
  6. Click on the "Compatibility" folder.
  7. View the "Create File Version" to make sure it is 7.x or 8.x.
  8. To change, double-click on the setting and choose the highest version from the drop down list.
  9. RDPWin also checks for the Communication Buffer Size Settings and will issue a message if this setting is too small.
  10. Restart the Pervasive services so the change takes effect.  To do this, Make sure all RDP systems are exited from the system.  This inlcudes RDP-DOS, RDPWin, IRM and all interface computers.  Right click on the computer name, highlight "Tasks" and choose "Restart Pervasive Services".


Deposit / Payment
If "DepositPayment-btnProcessPayment_Click: Transaction-PaymentCheck: Transaction-Add: Invalid - Price not specified - (B2D1)" appears when the Process Payment button is clicked, check to confirm there is a number greater than 0.00 in the Amount field.


RDPWin Monitor
If confirmation are not being sent,
  1. Go to RDPWin Monitor -> Monitor Reservations and confirm the Status of the service is “Running”.  If it is not running, click the Start RDPWin Monitor button and make sure it starts correctly. If all reservations have a status of “Not Processed”, then the RDPWinPath.txt file is most likely not correct.  See Step 3 below.
  2. Select Configuration from the System | RDPWin Monitor submenu.  Confirm that the appropriate reservation sources (RDPWin, RDPDOS, IRM, GDS) and directories (any available property codes) are checked. 
  3. To make sure the service always starts when the server is re-booted, do the following from the data server console:

    1. Start -> Programs -> Administrative Tools -> Services
    2. Right click on the RDPWin Monitor service and choose Properties
    3. Make sure the startup type is “Automatic”. Note: To disable the service if not used, change the setting in Step 3
    4. Click the Start button if the button is not disabled.
  4. Go to RDPWin Monitor -> Monitor Reservations and click Stop RDPWin Monitor. View the log information at the bottom of the screen. There should be an entry stating: RDPMonitor service stopped. If there is no entry in the Error Log area, check the RDPWinPath.txt file in c:\ProgramFiles\ResortDataProcessing\RDPWin folder on the data server to make sure it exists and that the path in the file correctly points to the RDP data folder.
  5. In the RDPWin Monitor, right-click any reservation on the list and choose Send E-Mail Confirmation. This forces an e-mail to be sent which will test the confirmation and SMTP configuration found under Reporter -> Configuration. Make sure there are no errors or fix the errors that occur.

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