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Condominium Owner Account Module R3 required.

Post Pooled Charges

The Post Pooled Charges program provides a way to distribute a charge to multiple owners based on an owner's revenue percentage to total revenue. For example, if an owner has 9% of the total revenue for the month, they will be charged 9% of the total charge amount.

The program uses the B7DF revenue transactions to determine revenue for each owner and total revenue for the month. Since this program uses the B7DF, revenue must be processed before Post Pooled Charges and processed on ALL owners.

To Post Pooled Charges

WARNING:Before running the Post Pooled Charges, the Process Revenue must be run for the month/period for ALL owners. This program is bases the percentages on the revenue transactions. For more information, see Process Owner Revenue.

  1. Go to the Owner main menu --> Month End --> Post Pooled Charges.
  2. Enter the Posting Date. Make sure the date selected is within the correct statement period. This is usually the last day of the previous month.
  3. Select the appropriate transaction code for the pooled expense from the drop down.
  4. If necessary, change the Description of the transaction code.
  5. Enter the total amount of the pooled expense. This is the entire amount that will be divided up by revenue percentage among owners.
  6. Select the date range to calculate the charges based on the revenue transactions in the Start Date and End Date fields. This usually the previous month or statement period range.
  7. Once the top information is correct, click the Calculate & Review button.
  8. Verify the amounts for each owner. The percent is calculated based on each owner's B7DF transactions.
  9. Once each owner amount has been verified, click the Post Charges button.
  10. Verify that the status column reads 'OK' for each owner.


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