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Owner Master Functions  (Condominium Owner Accounting Module R3 required)





Interest & Late Fees*


Pay Owner Bills Not available when R6 Timeshare is installed.

Post Recurring Charges*

Post Res Related Charges*

Post TX from File*

Process Revenue*

Room Revenue & Nights



Trust Accounting

Charge Owners for Work Orders

* Indicates a month-end procedure.

Owner Options (Condominium Owner Account Module R3 required)
Audit Report

Change Transactions


New Reservations

Owner Weeks


Post Charge



Tape Chart

View Reservations

View Transactions

Work Orders

Timeshare Overview (R6 Timeshare & Interval Ownership Required)
Check Timeshare Weeks


Dates Owned Tab

Owner Cross Reference

Owner Weeks Tab

Rental Weeks Assignment

Week Maintenance

Weeks Analysis


For properties with whole owned condominium/houses or timeshare owners, each owner must be entered into the system.  An owner master includes the name, address, and other information.  The room/house specific to the owner should be created before the owner is entered.

When a function is selected without first selecting a owner master from the Analysis grid, the Find form opens and requires selection.  Once selected, the requested function form displays with the owner master selected in the Analysis grid displayed behind (for example, Barry Biegler is displayed in the Analysis grid and the Change form opens with Mr. Biegler's information ready for updates.  Once saved, the Change form closes and the user is returned to the Analysis grid, still showing Barry Biegler's owner master selected in the Analysis grid.  When the Analysis grid is already in the main panel, the navigation options (like change, post charge,…) operate on the owner selected from the Analysis grid. 

Overview - Marketing
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Overview - Technical
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To appropriately handle owner accounting, follow the steps below:

  1. Rooms must be defined before owners are entered.
  2. Create owner masters using Owners | Add in the main menu.
  3. Reservations are entered, checked-in, and checked-out.
  4. Process income to owners using Owners | Process Owner Revenue.
  5. Process reservation amounts using Process Res-Related Charges.
  6. Post monthly charges using Post Recurring Charges.
  7. Use Owner | Options | Post Charge to post transactions directly to owner masters.
  8. Calculate any late fees or interest using Process Interest Charges & Late Fees.
  9. Review and Process Statements.
  10. Use Owner | Options | Payment when monies are collected.
  11. Use Owner | Find or Owner List to view historical information.
  12. Review and File Electronic 1099s.

    Note:   1099's can be printed and mailed using RDP-DOS.  Select Owner Master & History - 12 , RPT for Owner Reports Menu, and 845 to review 1099 Statements.  Print using either 846 (Paper Media), 847 (Magnetic Media), or 010 Laser 1099s.

Post TX From File

The "Post TX from File" feature is not automatically installed on systems.  Please call RDP Sales at (970) 845-1140 for pricing.

Save & Close, Save, and Close

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