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Reservation Priority

Timeshare owners can be assigned a member priority A-Z to determine the date the IRM.Net will allow the owners to make reservations. Each member priority can be assigned different dates for when the first and second reservations can be made. A period or season can be defined for the weeks in which the reservation can arrive.

The Use Timeshare Contract File to Create Weeks checkbox must be selected from the Timeshare Configuration located in the Owners main menu in order for Reservation Priority to be active. Switch 416-66 must be set to Yes from Switches located in the System main menu and Module R6 is required.

Note: This is a custom feature designed for Sanctuary at Hampton Lakes. Contact RDP Support for more information.

Sample Reservation Priority Assignment
Year Period Reservation Ordinal Member Priority Reservation Open Date
2011 Spring 1 A 02/01/11
2011 Spring 1 B 02/03/11
2011 Spring 1 C 02/05/11
2011 Spring 2 C 02/06/11
2011 Spring 2 B 02/08/11
2011 Spring 2 A 02/10/11
2011 Fall 1 B 05/01/11
2011 Fall 1 C 05/03/11
2011 Fall 1 A 05/05/11
2011 Fall 2 A 05/06/11
2011 Fall 2 C 05/08/11
2011 Fall 2 B 05/10/11

Reservation Owner Use Type
Select the Reservation Owner Use Type from the drop down. This field describes the of usage to be configured for the Reservation Priority Rotation. Owner Usage Type can include the number of nights the owner uses per booking, such as 7 nights or 14 nights. The Owner Use Types are configured from the Owner Res Type tab in the Timeshare Configuration located in the Owners main menu. See Owner Res Types for more information.
After clicking the Add Member Rotation button, enter the year to be configured for the reservation priority rotation in the Year field. There is no limitation to the number of years in advance that can be entered. However, the contracts must be configured for future years in order for the this feature to work.
The Period drop down describes the time of year or season the owners have opportunities for reservations. A property may be configured for 3 seasons, Summer, Winter, and Shoulder Season. Periods are defined by a certain week(s) of the year. The Period is configured in Period Tab located in the Timeshare Configuration in the Owners main menu. See Priority Configuration for more information.
Reservation Ordinal
The Reservation Ordinal field is used to determine if the reservation being configured is the first or second reservation the owner can book in that period. This is coded to correspond to the two weeks on each contract. Two weeks must be entered for each contract in order for this feature to work.
Member Priority
Each owner is assigned a member priority A-Z located on the Owner Detail Tab on the owner master. The priority determines when the owner reservation can be booked.
Reservation Open Date
Enter the Reservation Open Date. This is the date for which the owners with the assigned member priority can make their first or second reservation based on the reservation ordinal via the IRM.Net. RDPWin is not designed to view the Reservation Open Date.


When the Reservation Priority is configured, the owner may encounter three possible scenarios on the Owner Reservations tab on the IRM.Net.


See Timeshare Reservation Priority Configuration for step by step instructions.


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