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Uploading Guest History to RDP from another System

Load guest history information from another system into RDP.  Please call RDP Sales for a quote.

Procedure for Loading Guest History from Another System into RDP

After purchase of the RDP upload program, please follow the procedure below:

  1. The source file must be sent to RDP as an Excel spreadsheet 30 days prior to the start of the installation or an additional charge will be assessed.   No other formats will be accepted.
  2. The file should be cleaned up and any incomplete or duplicate records should be eliminated. If your current software does not have a clean up utility, export the data to the Excel spreadsheet and then manually go through and delete any duplicates and incomplete records.
  3. The upload will not work if the exact formats specified below are not used.  Please note that, this procedure requires many hours of expensive programming time. You may have to hire an outside resource to provide this data, RDP does not extract the data, we simply convert it and upload it, once the file is complete.
  4. The following are the typical fields that are converted and the length of each field. If a format is listed below, this is the format the source file should use. If a field cannot be formatted as shown, please inform the RDP sales representative when the file is submitted.
  5. The first row of the Excel spreadsheet must contain the field name, in order to make sure the data is mapped correctly.

Field Length Format
Guest Type 6
Guest Number 6
Last/First Name 22 Smith/John
Address-1 22
Address-2 22
City 16
State 2
Zip Code 10
Home Phone 12 970-845-1140
Business Phone 12 970-845-1140
Country 12
Source of Business Code 2
Email Address 40
Housekeeping Comment 20
Comment-2 12
Comment-3 12
Comment-4 20
Comment-5 20
Comment-6 20
Comment-7 20
Comment-8 20
Comment-9 20
Notes 3000 max  
Total columns for 1 record in a fixed-length text file: 377.

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