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Adding RDPWin for Current Customers


This page is intended for current RDP customers.  RDPWin is our Windows-based software and accesses the same database at the same time as your existing RDP-DOS system, all RDP Interfaces, the Internet Reservation Module (IRM), and all Crystal Reports.  This simultaneous access of the same database with all RDP technologies allows you to start using RDPWIN immediately without any data conversion! 

There are many new features in RDPWin which cannot be found in RDP-DOS.  However, not all existing RDP-DOS features have been moved to RDPWin.  An important topic to study is RDPWin Major New Features Compared to RDP-DOS.  There are some utilities that can still be used in RDP-DOS while remaining PCI compliant.  

All customers must be PCI compliant by July 1, 2010 or face extensive fines by the PCI Compliance Organization

RDPWin Topics Covered in this Document

RDPWin Features Not in RDP-DOS

RDP was founded in 1981 to develop software for Vacation Rentals and Condo-Hotels.  We now have over 1000 customers and 24 years experience with the complex world of reservations and owner trust accounting. This section describes the new features available in RDPWin for our Vacation Rental and Condo-Hotel customers. For more details please see Vacation Rental and Condo-Hotel Overview.

Major Features Reservations
Vacation Rental/Owner Accounting Check-in / Check-Out / Cancellation
Timeshare and Club Management Other Masters
More Modules Available 


RDPWin Pricing


RDPWin is included at no charge for all customers who have already purchased the Internet Reservation Module (IRM - Module RR).  To determine if this module has been purchased, press F6-Modules from the RDP-DOS menu.  Please review the information below or call RDP Sales.
Internet Reservation Module  If you have the IRM, you can use RDPWin for reservations and front desk functions.  New modules designed exclusively for RDPWin must be purchased separately.  If you do not currently have the IRM, please call RDP Sales for RDPWin pricing.
Crystal Reports  RDPWin includes dozens of new and improved Crystal Reports, which are included at no additional charge for customers who have the RS-Crystal Reports module already installed on their RDP-DOS system.
New RDPWin Modules Once the IRM or RDPWin has been purchased, additional RDPWin modules can be added to your system.

Hardware Requirements for RDPWin

RDPWin is designed to work simultaneously with RDP-DOS using the same hardware.  For most customers with relatively new hardware, no changes are required.  Please check your existing equipment for against this list of Hardware Requirements.


RDPWin Technology Overview 

RDPWin uses Microsoft's ".Net" technology for Windows.  This technology allows software to run on many future platforms.  Microsoft has spent billions of dollars developing ".Net"  as their platform of the future.  For a complete overview, see RDPWin Technology Overview.

Logon Messages for Employees

The opening screen in RDPWin is shown below.  There can be a system wide message for all employees to see as well as individual messages for each employee.

Reservation Totals Not Reset at Check-in (Optional)

A key new feature in RDPWin is the ability to check-in a guest and not reset the balance due on the reservation.  Most of our hotel customers want the totals to be reset, while Vacation Rental and Condo-Hotel customers do not  The table below shows this principal.  See Vacation Rental Systems for more details.

Category Before 
Room Charges 500.00 500.00 0.00
Tax 60.00 60.00 0.00
Total Charge 560.00 560.00 0.00
Paid  560.00 560.00 560.00
Balance due 0.00 0.00 -560.00

Calculate Additional Reservation Charges 

RDPWin can calculate additional reservation charges, such as cleaning fees, booking fees, travel insurance, etc.  Each charge can be itemized on the rental contract.  When available rooms are displayed the system can calculate not only the unique room rate for each unit but the additional charges.

Calculation of Unique Rates Per Room and Additional Reservation Charges

Charge Summary Screen for One Reservation 

Display Arrivals, In-house, Departures

RDPWin displays the guests currently in house, arrivals or departures at a click of a button.  Highlight any reservation to view the details.  Once a reservation is highlighted, all the reservation and front desk options can be performed on that reservation like post charge, post payment, check in and check out.

Simultaneous Access By
RDPWin, RDP-DOS, GDS Interface, IRM, and Crystal Reports

RDPWin is designed to work for all existing RDP-DOS customers without any data conversion.  RDP-DOS customers can install RDPWin and start using it immediately. Think of RDPWin as an "add-on" product to RDP-DOS, Crystal Reports, and the IRM.  When you install RDPWin, all existing RDP products continue to function as before.  RDPWin adds hundreds of new features without taking any away!  A given workstation can have both RDP-DOS and RDPWin installed.  The chart below shows RDPWin accessing the same database simultaneously with all other RDP products.
Simultaneous Access


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