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GDS Interface Introduction

Article ID#: KIN0055
Added: 03/23/11 - MC
Updated: 08/12/14 - SH



Thank you for purchasing the RDP 2-way GDS Interface. This document outlines the next step in the installation process, as well as additional information on the relationship between the RDP interface and the GDS provider. Please contact RDP with further questions.

GDS Installation Timeline

  1. Contact the selected GDS provider (market manager) and inform them that your property will be using the 2-way RDPWin Interface.
  2. Verify desired GDS configuration will be compatible with RDP system, and sign GDS contracts with GDS provider.
  3. Configure GDS account with GDS provider representative.
  4. Create a support ticket and attach all correlation tables and system credentials for verification of compatibility.
  5. RDP is then contacted for scheduling the interface installation.
  6. Update RDPWin to the most recent version and install the RDPWin Monitor. For instructions on installing the RDPWin Monitor, see Monitor Installation Procedures.
  7. RDP Support contacts customer to configure the interface.
  8. Contact GDS (market manager) to schedule testing with GDS provider as well as RDP
  9. Testing will be performed to verify accurate communication and configuration.
  10. RDP trains customer on using the interface.

Rate Configuration Information:

  • All rate codes need to be added to the cross reference table along with the GDS rate code.

  • Most GDS providers support derived rates. This means that RDP will send the RACK rate, and the GDS provider can calculate the discounted rates. RDP recommends this configuration.

  • Rate Plan Packages, Rate Plan Patterns, and Lowest Available Rates are not support with the GDS.

  • If a rate is not available for a room types, RDP still has to send the information in order for the sync process to complete. A restriction can then be added to block the room type for the rate plan.


  • All room types must be defined for any rate plan sent to the GDS.  If a rate s not available for a room type, RDP still has to send the information in order for the sync process to complete.  A restriction can then be added to block the room type for the rate plan.

  • Rules and restrictions can be sent to cut-off time periods or rate plans through RDP.

  • As soon as the Rules/Restrictions are saved they are sent to the GDS.


  • While RDP does offer tools to manage inventory sent to the GDS provider, the GDS provider usually has more and more sophisticated tools available in their customer portal.  RDP recommends learning and using these tools as well.


Availability Configuration Information:  

  • Availability is communicated through the interface with any change in RDP's availability.

  • Preassigned reservations are supported only if the room number is available for the entire stay. If the room number is not available (GDS support inventory reservations), RDP will make an inventory reservation.
  •   If your property uses preassign reservations exclusively, be on the lookout for inventory reservations that slip in via the GDS interface during busy times.

  • The reservation coming through the interface is for a room type. It is possible the room type booked does not have the same room number available for the entire stay, requiring the guest to move rooms. The only way to eliminate this issue completely is to have different room types for every room, so there is a one-to-one relationship.

  • The GDS system can be cut-off by occupancy percentage. It can be done within room type or by occupancy of the entire property.

System Configuration Information

  • One Hotel Code / ID per interface, per directory

  • One Username/Password per interface, per directory

  • Groups will not automatically come through to RDP, but can be added later.


Why can't I use packages with the GDS? 

Packages are NOT supported due to tax calculation issues. The GDS is designed to calculate a single tax amount on the total room charge. If a package has components with tax amounts that differ from the configured GDS tax amount, the reservation will not post the correct information in RDP.

For example, the rate is $1000 and the tax is 10%.  The package breakdown is as follows:

  • $600 room revenue at 10% tax
  • $300 food and beverage revenue at 6% tax
  • $100 spa revenue at 6%

The total package charge is $1000, but the total tax is $94. The GDS calculates the tax as a lump sum 10% on the $1000 rate. If packages were allowed, there will be discrepancies with the tax amount between the GDS and RDP.


If I have a one bedroom available one day, but a different one bedroom available the next day, will the GDS still book the one bedroom even if it requires a room move?

Yes. The GDS views availability by room type only. A one bedroom is available for the reservation dates, it just may not be the same room. All GDS providers work primarily with inventory availability. This has been an issue since the inception of GDS.


How do you know when someone has reserved a room through the GDS?

You can view all reservations that were booked, modified, or cancelled by going to the System main menu --> RDPWin Monitor --> Monitor GDS. Most GDS providers will e-mail you a notification when a reservation has been made.


Can the guest cancel within our property's cancellation policy?

Cancellations policies are configured on the GDS side.


Will we get all guest's information such as name, address, phone, e-mail, etc.?

The reservation information in RDP will be exactly what the GDS requires or what the guest fill out when making the reservation.


Are extra person charges calculated on the GDS?

Rates sent to the GDS come directly from your rates in RDP. Therefore, any extra person charges in RDP will be sent to the GDS. Note that the pricing sent is by occupancy and not by categories (i.e. Adults, Children, etc.).


How do I close out a room type when it is sold out?

As soon as the availability for a room type shows 0 in RDP, then it will be closed out at the GDS level. You can also cut-off the availability by room type when the entire property reaches a user defined occupancy percentage. 


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