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Configuring Comment Fields for the IRM

Added 7/17/2002
Article ID#:  KI0028

The IRM Configuration Options page includes a feature for "Configuring Comment Fields".  This feature allows the property to collect additional information during the Internet reservation process and mirrors the information collected when a guest contacts the property directly.  The standard RDP-DOS system includes 17 reservation comment fields that are customized by the property.  Many times, information collected in these comment fields is vital to the reservation process.  A property may collect, for example, the number of adult and child breakfasts the guest requires while on-site.  This information is then used for custom reports given to the kitchen on a daily basis.  In order to collect this information during the Internet reservation process, RDP provides the following "Comment Field Configuration" page in the IRM.

In order to use the RDP comment fields in the Internet reservation process:

  1. Enter a descriptive field in the first column ("Text to Display on the IRM").
  2. Specify whether or not the comment field is active for guest, travel agent, group, and/or owner reservations.
  3. Specify whether or not the field is required for new Internet reservations.
  4. Enter the selections that are available when booking reservations. (Click the "Selections" button to enter the available options.)  These selections are stored in RDP-DOS table CO.

After following steps 1 - 4 above, the specified comment fields appear on the guest information page.  A sample is displayed below.

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