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Error - Btrieve Stat 87 - 
Increase the Number of Handles

Added: 2/20/2001
Article ID#: KI0025

A Btrieve Stat 87 error is encountered when not enough "File Handles" have been allocated to the Pervasive database engine.  Use the following steps for correcting this error.

  1. From a networked RDP workstation with the Pervasive client installed, click Start | Programs | Pervasive | Pervasive Control Center.
  2. The Pervasive Control Center window opens.
  3. In the left-hand frame, highlight "Pervasive.SQL 2000 Engines".
  4. Click Action | Register New Engine.
  5. Enter the Server name.  Click "OK".
  6. Double-click the server's icon in the main (right-hand) frame.
  7. Double-click the "Configuration" icon.  Login to the server as "administrator".
  8. Double-click the "Server" icon.
  9. Open the "Performance Tuning" folder and, to account for IRM sessions,  increase the number of handles by 200 .
  10. Apply the changes.
  11. Restart the server.

The following settings are configured dynamically with Pervasive.SQL 2000i Service Pack 3.

  • Active Clients

  • Logical File Handles

  • Maximum Open Files
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