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Images do not Display throughout the IRM

Added:  11/30/2000
Article ID#:  KI0019


IRM Version 2 has the ability to display thumbnail and full-screen images of your property, room types, and room numbers.  For example, the screen below displays a thumbnail pictures of room 107.

RDP has found that without "Read" rights on the IRM virtual directory, the images do not display.  If images are not displaying on your IRM website, please check that the pictures exist in the correct folder and have the correct naming convention.  The table below illustrates the correct folders and naming conventions for IRM images.

Type of Image Folder Naming Convention
Logos IRM\Images Logo.jpg
Room Type Images IRM\Images RoomType_Small.jpg, RoomType_1.jpg, RoomType_2.jpg, RoomType_3.jpg, etc.
Room Number Images IRM\Images RoomNumber_Small.jpg, RoomNumber_1.jpg, RoomNumber_2.jpg, RoomNumber_3.jpg

The IRM virtual directory has the correct rights assigned.

  1. From the Windows 2000 server, click Start | Programs | Administrative Tools | Internet Services Manager.
  2. Expand the tree underneath the "Default Website".
  3. Right-click the IRM virtual directory and select "Properties".
  4. Under the "Directory" tab, make sure the option for "Read" access is selected.  Also, be sure the setting for "Execute Permissions" is set to "Scripts and Executables" and that "Application Protection" is set to "Low".
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