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Stat 4 Getting SubRec PC3

Added:  5/16/2001
 Article ID:  KI0016

The IRM displays the following error when sub-records 3 and 4 are missing from table PC:

No Rates Calculated: RDPRatePlan-GetRatePerStay: RDPRatePlan-CalcDays:RDPRateSet-GetRoomChg: RDPPplFields: RDPTable: Stat: 4 Getting SubRec PC3

Table PC hold Enhanced Rates and Packages People Classifications.  Enhanced Rates and Packages "People Classifications" are used for calculating rates.  For example, a property may charge for "Adults", "Children", and "Golfers".  In this example, there are three "people classifications".  The above error has been encountered by RDP customers who have recently added the Enhanced Rates and Packages module (RN).  Many times, when the module is added and the customer only uses one or two people classifications, sub-records three and four in Table PC are overlooked.


In order to correct this error, use the following steps.

  1. From the RDP-DOS Main Functions menu, select option "98" - "System Manager Functions".
  2. Select option "090" - "Update Table Records".
  3. Enter a "U" to "Update Table Records".
  4. Enter table number "PC" and "S" for "Sub-Record".
  5. Enter sub-record number "3". (no quotes)  Complete the following fields.

    Field Entry
    1 - In Use N
    4 - Count in Min/Max N
    5 - Count as Golfer N

    File the changes.  A sample sub-record "3" is displayed below.

  6. Follow step #5 for sub-record "4".
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