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Stat 94 -  Checking Pervasive Permissions with Regmon

Last Modified - 11/7/2006
Article ID#: KI0007

Use the following steps for solving a Stat 94 due 
to permissions problems on the IRM Server

  1. Create a new folder on the root directory, Regmon.
  2. Copy from
  3. Unzip  Launch the executable (Regmon.exe).
  4. Regmon will immediately begin logging registry hits.
  5. Within Regmon, click Options | Clear Display.  This will clear all of those initial registry hits.
  6. Open the IRM.
  7. Once the IRM Home Page displays, go into Regmon and click the "Autoscroll" button.  This stops the program.
  8. Notice the "Result" column - this is what you will want to pay attention to when you run it at the customer site.  If Pervasive does not have the correct permissions to a specific registry key, the "result" will be "DENIED" (or something to that affect).

Verify Permissions and Sharing on RDPNT and Sub-Folders 11/7/2006

Verify that the security is set correctly as follows:

  1. On the data server, start Windows Explorer
  2. Highlight the RDPNT folder and right click properties and click the Security tab
  3. Make sure the RDP group is listed as "full control"
  4. Click the "Advanced button" and check the check box for "Replace entries on all child objects with entries shown here that apply to child objects" and click OK.  This will force the RDP group to be listed on the RDP folder under RDPNT and all programs and files in the RDP folder and sub-folders
  5. Also check the "sharing" tab on RDPNT and make sure that EVERYONE has full control.  Or you can add the RDP group and give it full control
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