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IRM Classis Spacing Display Errors

Added: 1/15/02
Article ID#: KI0004


Occasionally, using Front Page to edit HTML files can result in spacing errors.  A file will display correctly in Front Page, but the HTML file will be missing all necessary spaces, causing a display error on the IRM.  A sample of the AccessType1.htm as displayed on the IRM is shown below:

The spacing between "Data Processing's" and "options below" is incorrect, although the text displays correctly in Front Page.

To correct the spacing, select the HTML tab on the bottom of the Front Page window.  The text along will all HTML tags will be displayed.  Insert spaces where needed, typically the spaces must be inserted at the end of a line as displayed below:

In this example, an additional space was inserted after 'Data' and 'options'.  Save the changes.  View the file in the IRM.
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