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Error 54 Opening a COM Port 

(Windows 98/ME Bridge Workstations)
Added 4/17/01
Article ID#:  KIN0005


RDP has experienced the following error while opening a COM port on a bridge workstation running Windows 2000 Professional or Windows Mellinium (ME).

Error 54 Opening COM Port

Based on information located on the Microsoft support website, the solution to this problem is to disable the power management of COM ports using the Windows registry.  Use the following steps for disabling power management on the bridge workstation.  However, please note that making changes to the system registry can be potentially dangerous.  RDP recommends making a registry backup prior to proceeding with the following steps on the RDP bridge workstation.

  1. Use Registry Editor (Regedit.exe) to locate the "EnablePowerManagement" value in the following registry key:

  2. Click Edit | Modify.  Change 01 to 00, and click "OK".
  3. Quit Registry Editor.

For additional information, please search the Microsoft website for the keyword "winmedos".

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