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Error Depositing Transactions - File too Large for Default Viewer File
Added 1/17/00
Article ID#:  KIN0002

The following error can be encountered when depositing credit card transactions with PBADMIN.

"File too Large for Default Viewer"

The above error is normally encountered when the PBADMIN settlement log has become too large to open with the default PBADMIN viewer.  Use the following steps for purging files from the settlement log.

  1. First, attempt to delete the settlement log from within the PBADMIN software.  Use the following steps:
    A. Login to PBADMIN.
    B. From the Main Menu, select the "Database Management" option.
    D. From the "Log List", highlight "Settlement".
    E. Using the spacebar, toggle the answer to the delete question to "YES".
    If steps A - E do NOT work, follow steps 2 - 10 below.
  2. Open Notepad (Start --> Programs --> Accessories --> Notepad).
  3. Open the "Pbadmin.stl" file.  This is the PBADMIN settlement log.  It contains settlement information from each day.  The file is located in the \RDP\PB\DB folder.

  4. Using the mouse, highlight old settlement logs through the last day of the prior month.  Use the "cut" command on the edit menu to delete this information from the current log. 
  5. Use the "File --> New" command to create a new file. 
  6. Use the "Edit --> Paste" command to copy the old settlement logs to this new file.
  7. Use the "File --> Save As" command and save the new file as "Pbadmin_Old_Settlements.stl".
  8. Close the "Pbadmin_Old_Settlements.stl" file.
  9. Save changes to the "Pbadmin.stl" file.
  10. Close the "Pbadmin.stl" file.
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