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Added: 03/20/17  ML
Article ID#: KWin0211

Expedia Quick Connect URL ChangeOver

Expedia has changed the URLs used for the Expedia Quick Connect Interface. The original URLs will cease to function after 3/31/2017. There are two action items to be performed by RDP customers to utilize the new URLs.

        Create a new Shift4 Access Token

        Input the new URLs into the GDS Configuration in RDPWin


1.      Create a new Shift4 4Res Access Token

a.      The Account Administrator logs in to DOLLARS ON THE NET.

b.      From the menu, the Account Administrator selects Settings --> API Settings.

c.      View.. 

d.      Create the token for 4Res. (There may other options, be sure to select 4Res)


Save the Access Token



2.      Input the new URLs into the GDS Configuration in RDPWin

a.      Log into RDPWin and go to System --> Configuration --> GDS

b.      Replace the following Three fields:


d.      With the following URLs (Copy/Paste from this doc)

                                                    i.     Availability/Rates:

                                                   ii.     Reservations:

                                                  iii.     Shift4 4Res Key: Apply key received from Shift 4


e.      Save & Close

f.       Test by performing a GDS Sync

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