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Added: 03/12/14

RDPWin Version 4
Pre-Installation Checklist for Customers

This checklist only applies to customers upgrading from RDPWin Version 3 to RDPWin Version 4.
Items to Review/Complete with RDP Account Manager
 Please carefully review the following documents:
 Contact Rita Gale or Camille Fowler in RDPSales to discuss Credit Card gateway/tokenization options.
Items to Review/Complete with RDP Support prior to RDPWin4 Upgrade
1. Review RDPWin 4 requirements
2. Ablility to Logon on to the RDP data server using the administrator password
3. Update Crystal Reports
4. IRM.Net Changes
5. GDS Changes
6. Upgrade Call accounting and POS RDPDos interfaces to RDPInterfaces 4.0
7. Purchase credit card devices
Day of RDPWin4 Upgrade
1. Users will be out of RDP for up to 4 hours.  Print reports such as folios, reg cards, housekeeping schedule, room status, arrivals, departures, etc.
2. Verify the RDP Data Backup
3. Release credit card authorizations on all In-house reservations
4. Locate the new credit card devices
5. Credit Cards converted to tokens
6. The following day/days after RDPWin4 upgrade secure or delete all Archived RDP backups

1. Review RDPWin 4 Requirements

  • Verify Hardware Requirements.
  • Verify Pervasive is Version 12.01.062 or higher. 
    • From the RDP data server -> Control Panel -> Programs & Features -> Pervasive -> Version
  • Verify .Net Framework 4.6.1 is installed on all workstations/servers.
  • Verify All Important Windows Updates have been installed
  • Verify RDPWin is Version or higher.

2. Administrator Password

  • The domain administrator password is required for initial setup.
  • Do not proceed to schedule an install of RDPWin4 until you have the domain administrator password.

3. Update Crystal Reports

  • Run utility to identify reports using Key Files and non-ODBC reports. 
    • Utility is found in RDPWin under System -> File Utilities
      • Find Reports using Key Files
        • When the Process completes, Export List to Text File
        • The file is saved in \\ServerName\RDPNT\RDP\ReportsWithKeyFiles.txt
      • Find non-ODBC reports
        • Export List to Text File
        • The file is saved in \\ServerName\RDPNT \RDP\NonODBCReports.txt
    • If there are less than 25 reports that need updating, RDP will update them
    • If there are more than 25 reports that need updating, RDP will train you on how to update them.  Updating the reports requires Crystal Reports.  A 30 day trial version can be downloaded from
  • Update reports or schedule training session

4. IRM.Net Changes

IRM.Net Version 4 has been enhanced to support the latest browsers and future browser changes.  If you are using a custom theme the following changes will need to be planned for.  If a default theme is in use, none of these changes will apply.  RDP will make sure the IRM.Net will take a reservation after the upgrade.  However, a web developer may need to make changes to your custom theme.  RDP will provide directions to the web developer.

  •  If credit cards are being taken by IRM.Net, it is not PCI compliant to include IRM.Net in an unsecured iframe. This will no longer be allowed.
  • IRM.Net reservations will no longer allow a credit card number to be taken unless a credit card processing module is installed and configured. This is a PCI compliance requirement and will affect a few customers who are currently collecting a credit card number via and processing manually.
  • Tokenization of the credit cards occurs with Shift4's i4go product.  This requires white listing the IRM server's external IP address with Shift4.  Shift4 will assist with this.

5. GDS Changes

Reservations with credit card information entered into RDP from a GDS channel must have the card information tokenized prior to entering RDP.  The tokenization occurs using Shift4's 4Res product.  This requires white listing the RDP data server's IP address with Shift4.  Shift4 will assist with this.

6. Upgrade Call Accounting and POS RDPDos Interfaces

RDPWin Version 4 does not support the old RDPDos POS and Call Accounting Interfaces.  If you are currently using either of these interfaces, they must be updated to the new RDPWin Interfaces 4.0 prior to installing RDPWin Version 4.  RDPWin Interfaces 4.0 will work with the RDPWin Version 3 product.

7. Purchase Credit Card Devices

In order to make credit card numbers as secure as possible, RDP is required to encrypt the credit card number outside the RDP system using a stand alone device.   We can no longer have a customer type a credit card number into RDPWin using the workstation keyboard, or use an old style card swipe to bring the number into RDP. These new devices must be purchased from RDP or your Processor, because they have to be "injected" with special firmware that allows the device to communicate with the Gateway and your processor.  

Contact Rita Gale at 970-845-1143 or Camille Fowler at 970-845- 1144 for more information.


Day of RDPWin 4 Upgrade

1. Run Reports

Users will be out of RDP for up to 8 hours.  Print reports such as folios, reg cards, housekeeping schedule, room status, arrivals, departures, etc.

2. Verify the RDP Data Backup

It is critical to verify that the back-up of RDP Data directories prior to Version 4 upgrade is good.

3. Release Credit Card Authorizations on In-House Reservations

Prior to upgrading to RDPWin4 it is critical to release all credit card authorizations in RDPWin3.  Since the authorization was originally taken using a different gateway/processor, it will no longer be possible to release in RDPWin4.  This process should take place immediately before the version 4 upgrade.  You may release authorization one of two ways.

  • Take payment on all authorizations in RDPWin3.  This will guarantee that authorization has been released from RDPWin and the customer's bank.
  • Release the authorization in RDPWin3.  This guarantees that the authorization is no longer in RDPWin, but does not guarantee that the customer's bank released the authorization.  Credit Card authorization will also need to be readded in RDPWin4

4. Locate New Credit Card Devices

Locate the new credit card device readers.  Do not connect the M130s or SREDKeys into the usb ports on the workstations until instructed by the RDP tech.

Remove the old credit card device readers.

 5. Convert Credit Card Numbers to Tokens

Before a credit card payment can be taken in RDPWin, all credit card numbers must be converted to tokens. 

  • After upgrading to RDPWin 4 and installing the Shift 4 gateway module a utility will be ran that converts credit cards to tokens.
  • Credit cards on inhouse and future reservations will be converted to tokens
  • Credit cards on inactive and active history reservations will be deleted.
  • All credit card numbers will be deleted from RDPWin for customers without a credit card gateway module installed.

6. Secure all Archived RDP Backups

The version 4 upgrade of RDPWin will convert credit card numbers to tokens and/or delete unused credit cards.  However, it is the customers responsibility to secure and delete all archived directories on the RDP Data server where credit card numbers may exist after the version 4 upgrade.  RDP support will help to identify archived directories, but cannot guarantee that all directories will be discovered.


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