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Central Statistics File

Article ID#: KWin0201
Added: 12/17/13


Carefree wants to merge RDP statistical data for all parks with their MRI accounting system which holds the budget information.  In order to make the reporting easier and faster, RDPWin now can aggregate the individual park statistics data into a central file in RDP root. 


This new file, CentStat, is a scaled down version of the standard stats file in that it does not have all the fields.  It is, however, a stand-alone file in that it has the long descriptions for source of business, market code, state and site type, so during reporting, those tables do not need to be accessed.  The file also contains a ResortNum field, which is the park ID from Table R2, subrecord 01.  If that does not exist, then the two character resort number will be used.


  • Switch 425-49 turns on the Central Statistics feature
  • Once the switch is turned on, any change to the local statistics file will be mirrored in the central stat file, this includes:
    • Generate Stats at end of day
    • Generate Forecast at end of day
    • Manually generate/rebuild stats
    • Manually generate/rebuild forecast
    • RDPWin Monitor generate forecast
    • Purge statistics records
  • There is a new option in the Stats menu in RDPWin to rebuild just the central stats file from the local stats file
  • RDPWin monitor should be used to generate forecast instead of at close of day.  Use the Forecast tab in Day End Configuration to configure when RDPWin Monitor will generate the forecast and how often.

Central Stats Field List

Rebuild Central Stats

  • The rebuild option in the Stats menu in RDPWin serves two purposes. First, it will rebuild the past so that reporting can be done on prior months. Secondly, if there is any issue with the data syncing, any date range for any resort can be rebuilt.
  • This option will prompt for which resorts to rebuild and will show all resorts regardless of the resort currently active.  The resorts are rebuilt serially one at a time.
  • Rebuild will also set switch 425-49 to Yes for any resort being rebuilt. So, switch 425-49 can be set in resort RDP01 and then this utility will be available. If it is then used from RDP01, it can rebuild all other resorts and turn on the switch automatically.
  • It is recommended to test the utility on one resort for several months in order to gauge the performance.  This utility should not be used during normal working hours as it uses a lot of database, network and other system resources. If possible, start at the end of the day and let it run at night.

Rebuild Central Stats

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