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Charging Tax for Reservations from Daily Deal Sites Like Groupon

Added 12/3/12
Article ID#: KWin0197


The steps below outline to how collect the tax amounts on reservations booked through daily deals sites such as Groupon, Living Social, Travelzoo, etc. Typically, the guest pays the daily deal site directly for the room charges, but the taxes are collected by the property upon check-in or at check-out.

  1. In RDPWin, go to the Accounting menu --> Transaction Codes --> Add.

  2. Select the B2 - In-House Guest Ledger --> enter a 2-character code that does not start with 'D' or 'S'. This code can be alpha-numeric.

  3. Enter the description such as 'Groupon Tax' --> select 1-Other Charge 1 from the Bucket drop down --> select the Tax Category 99-Tax Exempt --> select G/L Account 99999 - Clearing Account --> Save & Close. A debit and credit for the same amount will be posted to 99999-Clearing Account so the net amount is 0.

    Add Transaction Code

  4. When entering the reservation, attach the reservation to the group master for the daily deal site, such as Groupon. Set the pay code for the reservation to send Room & Tax to the master (typically pay code RT).

    New Reservation

  5. Post the transaction code created in step 1 for the total tax amount as a credit --> post the transaction to the Group Master from the Folio Type Override field.

    Post Charge

  6. Post a debit using the same transaction code to the reservation for the amount of the total tax --> post the transaction to the Individual Folio I from the Folio Type Override field. The guest will be responsible for this charge.

    Post Charge

  7. The folio should have the room charges and tax credit going to the M folio, and the tax charge (debit) going to the I folio.  



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