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Folio A & B Pay Code Defaults

Added 7/30/03
Updated: 4/26/12
Article ID#: K000173

Folios A & B can default to a specified Pay Codes when making a Paying Guest reservations. By setting the default pay code for the folio, transactions can be automatically routed to these folios. For example, the property sends the room charges to the A folio, while incidental charges go to the I folio.

Steps to Configure in RDPWin

  1. In RDPWin, go to the System menu --> Table Maintenance.

  2. Select the WP - Folio A & B Pay Code Prompt table --> click the Display button.

  3. Click the Add Subrecord button.

  4. In the Subrecord field, enter the reservation type will use the default pay codes:

    • P - Preassigned (Paying Guest) Reservations

    • I - Inventory Reservations

    • C - Comp Reservations

    • S - Special Reservations

    • R - Owner Referral Reservations

  5. Enter the pay code for the A folio in the Folio A Paycode Field.

  6. Enter the pay code for the B folio in the Folio B Paycode field.

  7. Save & Close.

Folio Pay Code

When a new reservation is made, the pay code assigned to the A or B folio should be display on the Change Reservation screen.

Change Res

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