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Skipped Day Accidentally During Close Day - Rolled Day Too Far

Article ID#: KWin0189
Added: 02/27/12


If the day was rolled too far or a day was skipped accidentally when the Close Day program was run, the RDP system date can be rolled back to the correct date.

Note: This situation can be prevented in the future by setting security on skipping days. In RDPWin, go to the System main menu --> Menu Security --> expand UI Security --> in the Fence Level field of the Prevent Skipping Days at Close Day, enter a fence level higher than the user that closes day. To prevent all users from skipping days, enter 999 in the Fence Level field.


It important that all activity that has taken place in the system be reversed before the day is rolled back to the correct date. Otherwise, those transactions will have the incorrect date.

  1. In RDPWin, go the Reporter main menu --> Reports --> click the Night Audit folder.

  2. Run the TransactionsByRange report for the current RDP system date (the incorrect date).

  3. If any transactions have been posted on the incorrect date, reverse the transaction on the appropriate reservation or master. Note: It is not possible to "uncheck-in" reservations that have the been checked-in on the incorrect date. In order to have the correct arrival on a reservation, the reservation must be checked-out and new reservation made.

  4. Roll the date back to the correct date using RDPWin. Go to the Night Audit or Day End Menu --> Close Day --> select the correct day and click Close Day. Verify that the date is correct before clicking Yes to continue.

  5. At the end of the month, verify that statistics are correct. Skipping days can cause stats to be incorrect. If problems with stats occur, contact RDP Support for assistance.

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