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Credit Card Does Not Copy to Sharewith with VRP

Article ID#: KWin0188
Added: 2/15/12


Credit card information does not copy from the primary reservation to the sharewiths or other reservations using the Add Rooms program if the VRP Credit Card module is installed. Switch 420-01 (Copy credit card when reserving additional room) or switch 420-02 (Copy credit card when making a sharewith reservation) do  not affect the copying of the credit card, as the credit card information will no longer copy. VRP does not store the credit card information on the reservation because it uses token technology. A token can only be used one time.

In RDPWin version or higher, the system ignores switch 420-01 and 420-02 if the VRP module is installed. Prior to this version, the token was copied from one reservation to another. This caused problems when taking a payment on both reservations because the token can only be used once. The reservation will receive an "Invalid Token" error.


Enter the credit card information again on the new reservation and authorize or take a separate payment. This will create its own token, so the credit card can be processed without affecting the primary reservation. 


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