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Credit Card Processing Error (-19) Invalid Length for Field #0003

Article ID#: KWin0181
Added: 11/01/11 - MC


Error message: Response - (-19) INVALID LENGTH FOR FIELD #0003 is received when processing a credit card in RDPWin. This error message is caused by Protobase not accepting "Chip and Pin" credit cards yet. This is a new type of credit card designed to be more secure than standard magnetic strip cards. Protobase will not be accepting this type of card until some time in 2012. Contact Protobase Support for more details.


When taking the payment for this type of credit card in RDPWin, check the Correction/Voice Auth box. Then select the Correction to Reservation: Protobase Will Not Be Updated radio button. Contact the credit card company for a voice authorization for the payment. This payment will NOT process through Protobase.

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