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Package Detail and Reset Res From Folio

Article ID#: KWin0180
Added: 10/18/11 - MC


Prior to RDPWin version and, Reset Res From Folio always recalculated the package transactions that were not posted to the general ledger, even ones with the rate override flag (*) set on the rate plan transaction on the folio.  

Note: Prior to changing or updating rates or packages, the Freeze Rates program must still be run if the existing reservations' rates are to be honored. Otherwise, the transactions will be recalculated by Reset Res From Folio. There is no way for the system to determine whether the existing detail or the calculated detail is correct.

There are two new modes for Reset Res From Folio:

  1. Resets without recalculating package transactions.
    This mode calculates the taxes on non-packages, sets the folio type, calculates agent commissions, calculates owner portion, and increments the buckets on the reservation.

  2. Resets and recalculates package transactions.
    This mode does everything that first mode includes, but it will also recalculate the rate plan packages including taxes from the rate plan package definition. 

These two modes are controlled by:
Checkbox on Reset Res From Folio
Switch 427-10 - Reset Res From Folio: Recalculate Rate Plan Packages. This switch has three settings: Yes, No, and Prompt.

Switch Definitions

  • When switch 427-10 is set to Yes, the checkbox is checked by default and the user may check and uncheck the box.

  • When switch 427-10 is set to No, the checkbox is unchecked by default and the user may NOT check the box.

  • When switch 427-10 is set to  Prompt, the checkbox is unchecked by default and the user may check and uncheck the box.

Reset Res

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