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Room Revenue GL Account and Stats Don't Balance

Article ID#: KWin0172
Added: 06/10/11 - JK/MC


Room revenue does not balance between the room revenue GL account and the Statfile Room Charge total.


Transaction code, component, rate set are set to bucket 0 but are going to a non-room revenue GL account.

  1. Check that the GL account and the transaction codes are set correctly, by clicking the Accounting main menu --> Transactions --> List --> Expand B2. Make sure the transaction codes have Room Charge selected in the Bucket field. Make sure each is going to the room revenue GL account.

  2. If any transaction codes have the wrong GL account, change to the correct room revenue GL account.

    • If any GL accounts were replaced, run the following statement:

      select transactiondate, description, rateplan, resnum, transactioncode, roomcharge, totalcost from hexpense where rateplan in (select rateplan from pkgcomp where component in (select component from rateplan where bucket='0' and glaccountnum <>'' and not(glaccountnum in 'xxxxx',yyyyy')) and component <>''))

      Note: be sure to replace the "xxxxx" and "yyyyy" with the appropriate GL account numbers.

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