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RDP File Numbers

Article ID#: KWin0170
Added: 06/07/11 - MC

RDP Files

File #

File Name

DDF Name



Master ID

01 TABLFILE.DAT TablFile Table File All
06 PRINTFILE.DAT PrintFile Print File for DOS All  
09 LOCKFILE.DAT LockFile Lock File All  
50 ITINCURR.DAT ItinCurr Itinerary File - Active History Itinerary (RP)  
51 ITINHIST.DAT ItinHist Itinerary File - Non-Active History Itinerary (RP)  
52 FORECAST.DAT Forecast Forecast File Enhanced Forecasting (S4)  
60 NOTEFILE.DAT NoteFile Note File All  
61 NOTEHIST.DAT NoteHist Note File - Non-Active History All  
62 COMMENT.DAT Comment Comment File All  
63 STATFILE.DAT StatFile Statistics File Statistics (RC)  
64 COMMHIST.DAT CommHist Comment File - Non-Active History All  
65 JRyymmdd.DAT Journal Journal File followed by the date All  
66 FCyymmdd.DAT   Forecast File followed by the date All  
67 OTOTALyy.DAT OTotal11 OTotal File followed by the year All  
68 TOTALSyy.DAT Totals11 Totals File followed by the year All  
69 AVAILABL.DAT Available Availability File All  
70 UNITS.DAT Units Units File All  
71 OWNERS.DAT Owners Owners File Owner Billing (R3)  
72 GROUPMST.DAT GroupMst Groups File Groups (R2)  
73 AGENTS.DAT Agents Travel Agents File All  
74 CCARDS.DAT CCards Credit Cards File All  
75 GUESTS.DAT Guests Guest History File All  
76 VENDOR.DAT Vendors Activity Vendors File Itinerary (RP)  
77 COMPANY.DAT Company Company File Groups (R2)  
80 HRESERVE.DAT HReserve Reservations File All
81 FUTRKEYS.DAT FutrKeys Future Keys File All  
82 CURRKEYS.DAT CurrKeys Current Keys File All  
83 PASTKEYS.DAT PastKeys Past Keys File All  
85 HEXPENSE.DAT HExpense Transactions File All  
86 VOUCFILE.DAT VoucFile Voucher File All  
87 TCSOWNER.DAT TCSOwner Timeshare Owners File Timeshare (R6)  
90 BOOKHIST.DAT BookHist Non-Active History All  
91 BOOKKEYS.DAT BookKeys Non-Active Keys File All  
92 HEXPHIST.DAT HExpHist Non-Active Transactions File All  
93 RATEPLAN.DAT RatePlan Rates File All  
94 PKGCOMP.DAT PkgComp Package Components File All  
95 ACTUATOR.DAT Actuator Phone Actuator File  Phone Actuator (RG)
96 RATELOW.DAT RateLow Best Available Rate File All  
97 RPLANSET.DAT RPlanSet Rate Set File All  
101 ASSETTY.DAT AssetTy Asset Type File Work Orders (RZ) WO
102 PHONETY.DAT PhoneTy Work Order Vendor Phone Type File Work Orders (RZ) W1
103 PROBTY.DAT ProbTy Problem Type File - Type field on Work Order Work Orders (RZ) W2
104 TAKNFROM.DAT TaknFrom Take From File - From field on Work Order Work Orders (RZ) W3
105 WOVENDTY.DAT WOVndTy Work Order Vendor Type File Work Orders (RZ) W4
106 CNTTY.DAT CntTy Work Order Vendor Contact Type File Work Orders (RZ) W5
107 WORKORDR.DAT WorkOrdr Work Order File Work Orders (RZ) W6
108 WODETAIL.DAT WODetail.dat Work Order Detail File Work Orders (RZ) W7
109 WOASSET.DAT WOAsset Work Order Asset File Work Orders (RZ) W8
110 ASSET.DAT Asset Asset File Work Orders (RZ) W9
111 WOVENDOR.DAT WOVendor Work Order Vendor File Work Orders (RZ) WA
112 CONTACT.DAT Contact Work Order Contact File Work Orders (RZ) WB
113 CNTPHONE.DAT CntPhone Work Order Contact Phone File Work Orders (RZ) WC
114 CNTEMAIL.DAT CntEMail Work Order Contact Email File Work Orders (RZ) WD
115 EMAILTY.DAT EmailTy Work Order Vendor Email Type File Work Orders (RZ) WE
116 WOLOCATN.DAT WOLocatn Work Order Location File Work Orders (RZ) WF
117 CNTCCARD.DAT CntCCard Encrypted Credit Card File All -
118 WOVENDOWN.DAT WoVenOwn Work Order Vendor Owner File Work Orders (RZ) WG
120 HBOARDS.DAT HBoards Housekeeping Boards File Enhanced Housekeeping (S2) H0
121 HBFUTURE.DAT HBFuture Future Housekeeping Boards File Enhanced Housekeeping (S2) H2
123 HBCLNDEF.DAT HBClnDef Housekeeping Clean Definitions File Enhanced Housekeeping (S2) H3
124 HBPRESCH.DAT HBPreSch Housekeeping Pre Check-in Cleans File Enhanced Housekeeping (S2) H4
125 HBTEAMS.DAT HBTeams Housekeeping Teams File Enhanced Housekeeping (S2) H5
126 HBTIME.DAT HBTimes Housekeeping Board Times File Enhanced Housekeeping (S2) H6
130 RPTSECUR.DAT RptSecur Reporter Security File Reporter (RS) -
140 FRQGUEST.DAT FrqGuest Frequent Guest File CRM (RX) F0
141 FRQRULES.DAT FrqFules Frequent Guest Points Rules File CRM (RX) F1
142 FRQPOINT.DAT FrqPoint Frequent Guest Points File CRM (RX) F2
143 FRQLEVEL.DAT FrqLevel Frequent Guest Level File CRM (RX) F3
144 CONTACT.DAT Contact Frequent Guest Contact File CRM (RX) WB
145 CNTPHONE.DAT CntPhone Frequent Guest Contact Phone File CRM (RX) WC
146 CNTEMAIL.DAT CntEmail Frequent Guest Contact Email File CRM (RX) WD
147 CNTTY.DAT CntTy Frequent Guest Contact Type File CRM (RX) W5
148 PHONETY.DAT PhoneTy Frequent Guest Phone Type File CRM (RX) W1
149 EMAILTY.DAT EmailTy Frequent Guest Email Type CRM (RX) WE
150 TABLFILE.DAT TablFile Tables - Frequent Guests (\RDP directory) CRM (RX) -
151 LOCKFILE.DAT LockFile Lock File - Frequent Guests (\RDP directory) CRM (RX) -
152 COMMENT.DAT Comment Comment File - Frequent Guests (\RDP directory) CRM (RX) -
153 NOTEFILE.DAT NoteFile Note File - Frequent Guests (\RDP directory) CRM (RX) -
154 FRQPROP.DAT FrqProp Frequent Guest Properties CRM (RX) F4
155 FRQTXTYP.DAT FrqTxTyp Frequent Guest Transaction Type File CRM (RX) F5
156 FRQFLYER.DAT FrqFlyer Frequent Guest Frequent Flyer Info File CRM (RX) F6
157 FRQHIST.DAT FrqHist Frequent Guest History CRM (RX) F7
158 CNTCCARD.DAT CntCCard Frequent Guest Encrypted Credit Card File (\RDP directory) CRM (RX) -
160 USERS.DAT Users Users File All U1
167 OTOTALyy.DAT OTotal10 OTotal File from Previous Year All -
168 TOTALSyy.DAT Totals10 Totals File from Previous Year All -
170 CONTRACT.DAT Contract Timeshare Contracts File Timeshare (R6) Contracts -
180 GDSCONFG.DAT GDSConfg GDS Configuration File GDS 2-Way -
181 GDSCHANN.DAT GDSChann GDS Channel File GDS 2-Way -
182 GDSRMTY.DAT GDSRmTy GDS Room Type File GDS 2-Way -
183 GDSRATES.DAT GDSRates GDS Rates File GDS 2-Way -
230 OWNERTX.DAT OwnerTx Owner Points Transactions File Timeshare (R6) -
232 OWNPOINT.DAT OwnPoint Owner Points File Timeshare (R6) -
233 OWNTXTY.DAT OwnTxTy Owner Transaction Type File Timeshare (R6) -
235 MENU.DAT Menu RDPWin Menu File RDPWin -
236 MENUSEC.DAT MenuSec RDPWin Menu Security File RDPWin -
237 MENUITEM.DAT MenuItem RDPWin Menu Item File RDPWin -
238 MENUGRP.DAT MeuGrp RDPWin Menu Group File RDPWin -
239 SWITCHES.DAT Switches RDPWin Switches File RDPWin -
240 WINCONFG.DAT WinConf RDPWin Configuration File (\RDP Directory) RDPWin -
241 TXLOG.DAT TxLog Transaction Log File - Front Desk RDPWin L1
242 CHANGES.DAT Changes Change Tracking File Change Tracking (S7) -
243 RESDENY.DAT ResDeny Reservation Denial Tracking File Denial Tracking (RW) -
244 MNTROOMS.DAT MntRooms Maintenance Rooms File for Timeshare Timeshare (R6) -
245 MINNIGHTS.DAT MinNights Reservation Minimum Stay File RDPWin -
246 RESTDATES.DAT RestDates Restricted Nights for Timeshare Timeshare (R6) -
267 OTOTALyy.DAT OTotal12 OTotal File for Future Year All -
268 TOTALSyy.DAT Totals12 Totals File for Future Year All -
280 EXPEDIA.DAT Exepdia Expedia GDS File Expedia (SE) E0
281 EXPHIST.DAT ExpHist Expedia GDS History File Expedia (SE) E1
282 EXPERROR.DAT ExpError Expedia GDS Error FIle Expedia (SE) E2
290 VACPROT.DAT VacProt Vacation Protection File Travel Services (S8) P2
291 ALTTEXT.DAT AltText Alternate Text File RDPWin -
300 VOUCHERTX.DAT VoucherTx Voucher Transaction File RDPWin V1
301 WINNOTES.DAT WinNotes RDPWin Notes RDPWin V2
365 JRyymmdd.DAT JRyymmdd Journal File from Previous Day All -
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