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Authorizations on Debit Cards

Article ID#: KWin0166
Added: 04/25/11 - MC/DM


Recent rule changes due to PCI Compliance has affected the way debit/credit card authorization are handled.

If a credit/debit card is not authorized for enough money at check-in, an additional authorization is needed when the final payment is taken. This causes double hold on the card, which can be especially problematic for debit cards.

For example: A credit card is authorized for $200 at check-in. The final bill comes to $250 at check-out. An additional $50 needs to be authorized and approved. On a debit card, the cardholder will see the original $200, plus an additional $50, plus the $250 final payment. The $200 and $50 authorizations can take anywhere between 3 - 10 days for the hold to be released. This is based on the cardholders bank.

Note: RDP and Elavon have NO control over how the authorizations are handled. This is controlled by cardholder's bank.

Authorization Options for Debit Cards

Authorize the debit card for $1 a few days prior to arrival to be sure the card is valid. RDP only uses prior authorizations if the amount is greater than $1. The debit card can be authorized for the initial $1, but the system will treat the payment as a final sale, rather than a prior auth.

Encourage guests to provide a credit card at check-in, instead of a debit card for authorizations. Final payment can be still collected on the debit card.


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