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Room Rotation - Available Rooms Screen

Added 04/15/11 - MC
Article ID#: KWin0165


Room rotation and the Available Rooms display are controlled by the Sort By selection in Reservations --> Configuration --> Availability tab --> Available Rooms Display Options section --> Sort By radio buttons. There are five options for sorting available rooms:

Available Rooms Options 

Last Used

The Last Used option is the most common for properties trying to equalize owner revenue or room use if no owners are involved. When a room is booked, it is placed at the bottom of the available rooms list. The order the rooms are displayed is then based on the Time Stamp field in the Available.dat file.  The Available Rooms screen lists the room that has the oldest Time Stamp first (chronological order).

Time Stamp Information

  • The 1st character is the last digit of the year (i.e. 2011 would be 1, 2010 would be 0)
  • The next 3 characters are the Julian day of the year (i.e. February 2 would be 33, March 15 would be 74)
  • The next 2 characters are the hours in military time
  • The next 2 characters are the minutes
  • The last 2 characters are the seconds

Example: 1033172436 would be February 2, 2011 at 5:24:36 pm.

Time Stamp

Previous Time Stamp

When a room is selected the current time stamp moves from the Time Stamp field to the Previous Time Stamp field. Certain programs such as reservation cancel or changing a room assignment on future reservation will move the Previous Time Stamp back into the Time Stamp field. By doing so, the room goes back into the original rotation order, and owner is not penalized for the room move or cancellation.

The programs that place the Previous Time Stamp back into the Time Stamp field are:

  • Cancel Reservation
  • Cancel Group Reservation
  • Cancel GDS Reservation
  • Convert Preassign to Inventory
  • Convert Preassign to Multiple
  • Change Room Assignment from: Change Res, Tape Chart, Change Room & Dates, Check-in, and GDS

Switches Effecting Rotation

  • If Switch 423-12 = Yes, then don't rotate Maintenance (X type) reservations
  • If Switch 423-11 = Yes, then don't rotate Owner, Guest of Owner, or Timeshare (O, G, & T type) reservations
  • If Switch 414-19 = Yes, then don't rotate Owner or Timeshare (O & T type) reservations
  • If Switch 414-20 = Yes, then don't rotate Guest of Owner (G type) reservations
  • If Switch 416-51 = Yes, then don't rotate Complimentary (C type) reservations.  Note: the reservation type must be a C type. It does not look at rate plan COMP.
  • If Switch 416-52 = Yes, then don't rotate for Owner Referral (R type) reservation

When any of the above switches are set to Yes, then the room selected for the applicable reservation type is NOT placed on the bottom of the Available Rooms list.

Programs Using Availability 

The following options within RDP look at the availability and time stamp fields in order to determine the last used order. These options also update the time stamp on the room once it is selected based on the switches seen above.

  • New Reservation
  • Group Reservation
  • Change Reservation Detail (if the room number is changed)
  • Check-in (if a room is selected at this time)
  • Add Room
  • IRM.Net


Utilities Effecting Availability

If switch 419-04 is set to Yes, then Reset Availability and RDP995 will place the Available Rooms list back in room number order. 

WARNING: DO NOT set switch 419-04 to Yes if rooms should remain in last used order.


Additional Considerations

If a certain Room Type, Property Code, or Guest Preferences are selected, then only the rooms that meet the criteria will display in the Available Rooms screen. A room may be next in line for selection, but if it's not available, it is cutoff, or doesn't meet other reservation criteria such as minimum nights for the room, it will not show in the Available Rooms list.

Room Number

Room Number order simply places the available rooms in order by room number on the Available Rooms screen. If a room type is selected, then rooms within that type are listed in order.

Best Fit

Best Fit order looks at the Fit column on the Available Rooms screen, and displays the rooms in alphabetical order based on the A, B, C, or D in the Fit field.

  • A = Both the arrival and departure are back-to-back with another reservation
  • B = The arrival is back-to-back with another reservation, but there is at least one day space on the departure
  • C = The departure is back-to-back with another reservation, but there is at least one day space on the arrival
  • D = There is a least one day space in this room on the arrival and departure. No back-to-back reservations
  • Available Rooms

Occupied Nights

Occupied Nights reads the Occ Nts column on the Available Rooms screen and sorts the rooms based on the lowest number. The rooms with the least number of occupied nights appear at the top of the list, with the highest number at the bottom. If the occupied nights number is the same for rooms, then the rooms are listed in room type order, then numeric order.

Occupied Nights is the number of nights booked for the month in which the arrival date of the reservation falls. An occupied night is any reservation except maintenance reservations. This includes all paying guest reservations, owner, guest of owner, timeshare, complimentary, etc. Checked-out reservation ARE counted when tallying the occupied nights for a room.

Occupied nights


The Custom sort option places the Available Rooms in order based on a custom sequence defined on the room master. This displays the custom sequence in ascending order. Place a 4-digit number in the Custom Display Sequence field on the Room Detail tab of the Room master.

Note: Only rooms with a number in the Custom Display Sequence field will display on the Available Rooms screen.

Room Detail

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