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RDP Backup Requirements

Added 04/07/11 - MC
Updated 04/15/11 - MC
Article ID#: KWin0163


A daily backup of system data is required. Unexpected things can happen, so a backup of the RDP data is crucial. It is important that a backup be kept off property in the case of a fire, natural disaster, or theft.  There are a variety of backup methods that can be used:

  • Tape backup
  • Removable hard disk backup
  • Online backup
  • Pervasive DataExchange Replication Software

A daily backup is required.  Additionally, a weekly backup must be created and moved to an offsite location or backed up online. A list of the RDP related data that should be backed up is below.

Test your backup system regularly.


Data To Be Backed Up

  • RDP Data - Backup the entire RDPNT folder, which is located on the RDP Data server. 
  • IRM or IRM.Net Data - Backup the entire C:\INETPUB directory located on the Internet Reservation Module Server (IRM)


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