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Update is Running, RDP995 is Running, or RSTAVL is Running Error Messages When Logging Into RDPWin

Article ID#: KWin0159
Updated: 03/07/13
Added: 03/11/11


When trying to login to RDPWin after the Reset Availability or RDP DOS 995 has completed, the error "Update is running," "RDP995 is running," or "RSTAVL is running" appears. This prevents all users from logging back into the system. The utility has completed, however, the 995 record has not been released from Lockfile.dat.


Delete the Lockfile.dat from the directory where the error is occurring.

  1. In Windows Explorer, browse to the RDP drive (F:\ drive, R:\ drive, etc.).
  2. RDP folder --> RDP directory where the error is occurring such as RDP01. The file path may look like R:\RDP\RDP01.
  3. Locate the file called Lockfile --> right click and select Delete. Note: it is extremely important not to delete any other files.
  4. Log back to RDPWin.
  5. Delete lockfile

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