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Important Firewall Ports for RDPWin, IRM.Net and Pervasive

Article ID#: KWin0156
Added: 03/03/11
Updated: 07/23/12

There are several firewall ports that should be opened in order to run RDPWin, IRM.Net and Pervasive. Note: These are recommendations only and certain network configurations may require different ports.


Ports to open on RDP data server:

Port 1583 (relational interface)
Port 3351 (transactional interface)
Port 139 (named pipes)
Port 137 (named pipes)
Port 445 (file sharing protocols)


Ports to open on the IRM server or network firewall:

SMTP outbound mail: port 25

SSL: 443

Internet Traffic for HTTP: port 80


Ports to open on the Credit Card Interface server:

Protobase: port 10000 is the default, but may change based on the Protobase installation


Open HTTPS from the trusted network to the IRM server so users can browse the IRM.Net site on the IRM server directly from http://localhost or internal name without having to out to internet and back.


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