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Daily Charge Posting Sequence

Article ID#: KWin0155
Updated: 03/14/11 - MC
Added: 02/18/11 - MC

Vacation Rental System Daily Charges

Vacation Rental System (switch 426-06, buckets do not reset at check-in) Daily Charges, are left on the folio with the pre-posted flag set at check-in, with the exception of the arrival date's daily charge. The pre-posted flag for that day's charge is removed, and therefore automatically posted.  The remaining daily charges will post when the Close Day program is run and the transaction date is equal to the system date.


Figure 1: Reservation charges prior to check-in.

Daily charges preposted


Figure 2: Reservation charges after check-in.

checked in res

Hotel System Daily Charges

Daily charges in a Hotel System (buckets are reset at check-in) are handled differently than a Vacation Rental System. The Post Nightly Charges program removes the pre-posted flag from the daily charge for that day's transaction. If the transaction happens to be missing, the Post Nightly Charges program will create the transaction and post it at that point.

Figure 3: Future Reservation showing missing daily charge for 3/1

Missing Charge


Figure 4: Post Nightly Charges adds transaction and posts it to the folio

Parking Charge added


When checking-in a reservation with a pre-posted daily charge, the transaction remains on the folio as pre-posted. The pre-posted flag will be remove by the Post Nightly Charges program. Only if the quantity on the reservation's daily charge does not match the quantity on the transaction is the daily charge deleted and re-posted by the Post Nightly Charges program.


Figure 7: Checked-in reservation with pre-posted charges on folio.

Preposted charges on folio


The Reset Res From Folio program will only remove the pre-posted flag from daily charge transactions when the date is equal to the system and Post Nightly Charges has already been run for that day. If Post Nightly Charges has not yet been run, the pre-posted flag will remain on the daily charge. When adding daily charges to an in-house reservation, the transactions for the current day will always have the pre-posted flag set unless Post Nightly Charges has been run for day.

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