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Article ID: KWin0152
Added:  1/27/2011 MC

Error Closing Day in RDPWin Version 2 - TableC1

Issue:  The following error message is received when trying to close the day in RDPWin Version:

TABLEC1 (Trace:CloseDay-btnCloseDay_Click: SysInfoSQL-UpdateRDPDate: RDPWinCore-SQLFunctions-SQLUpdate1: Primary Key could not be found for table)

Error TableC1

This error is caused by a Pervasive patch for version 10 SP3 Update 10 (10.31.026) and version 11.0 Update 1 (11.01.016).


  • If RDPWin version 2.095.21 is available, update to that version or higher. It is not necessary to uninstall Pervasive if RDPWin v 2.095.21 is installed.
  • Until that version of RDPWin is available and installed, users on Pervasive version 10 must uninstall Pervasive  v10.31.026 using Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features. Reinstall Pervasive version 10.30.22. Click PSQL Trial Downloads to download  the PSQL v10 Trial (10.30.22).

  • For users on Pervasive version 11, uninstall Pervasive v.11.01.016 using Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features until RDPWin version 2.095.21 is available and installed. Reinstall Pervasive version 11.00.103. Click PSQL v11 Trial Downloads to download the PSQL v11 Trial (11.00.103).
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